Identity Check Online – Ultimate Defence Against Financial Violations

by kbing

The expansion in the number of customers of a business is satisfying and something to worry about at the same time. Due to immense cases that appear in the media. Reports of financial fraud and money laundering are increasing with every passing year. Identity check online of clients with automated solutions is predestined for every business. That wants to excel and comply with regulatory obligations.

An Id verification software with global coverage. And API integration act as the foundation of a successful enterprise. The global solutions generate output in just a few seconds with maximum authenticity due to several automated services. In identity check online, an integrated mix of online services performs accurate customer verification. 

ID verification services are at the forefront of making the online marketplace transparent and verifying the authenticity of every transaction done on the internet. The credentials used for that transaction are correct and belong to the same person who completed it. Even if a transaction is not completed, Digital ID verification services ensure that a person’s identity is fully validated before they use any service. The types of IDs that are submitted for verification are an important part of many service providers’ digital KYC offerings. On a worldwide scale, there are primarily two types of IDs that can be verified.

Services of Online Verification System

Document Validation

  • In the KYB (Know Your Business) compliance program, the customer is supposed to submit images of valid Id documents. In identity check online, solution verifies thousands of proofs due to the sheer data it possesses
  •  The client also transfers a fresh selfie.
  • The OCR screening engine integrated into the validation system selects the data and converts it into a machine-readable format for the identity check online
  • The precise results of document verification are displayed to the business authority as fast as an eye blink

AML Screening

During the early stage of customer verification, a verifying businesses entity confirms the AML status of customers by running the credentials in the global system and confirms the client from global sanctions or PEP lists. Anti-money laundering (AML) techniques have been developed for businesses all over the world, and all regions require enterprises to undertake due diligence on their customers in some fashion. AML compliance is not as tough for businesses to comply with as it may appear. 

A small investment (in dollars, pounds, or yuan, for example) can save you millions in penalties. This is where shufti pro comes into play. The technology is meant to do top-notch identity verification screening on the company’s potential clients on a global scale.

Address Authentication

In document confirmation, you can perform this integrated service in ID validation. In identity check online, the customer also submits utility bills as proof of residence. 

Due to an increase in chargebacks and other fraudulent activity. Businesses have developed rigorous procedures for validating persons. To assure authentic customer onboarding. E-commerce platforms and other online enterprises have developed identity verification techniques including address verification. Without identity verification, the likelihood of illegal activity rises dramatically.

It is quite handy since every product or service of a business can’t be offered to every possible country or territory. There are some restrictions by regulators.  In identity check online, the business can seamlessly classify prospects during onboarding via address verification.

Age Verification

The vast impact of social media access and adult-rated products marketing on respective forums has created a never-diminishing concern for age-restricted businesses and the government. We can prevent vulnerable minors from bypassing security barriers by using identity online checks

This service from a general perspective is applicable to every business. But the prime ones are alcohol, lottery, online casinos, and healthcare. For verifying identities, the automated system conducts facial recognition.

The integration of AI mapping tools, microexpression analysis, depth measuring, and liveness detection in identity check online, can immediately recognize 2D or 3D mask attacks.  You can quickly discover advanced media such as deep false. The enormous matrix of AI modules is responsible for maximum accuracy.

Biometric Consent Verification

In identity checks online you can employ biometric screening. Not only for customer age verification but also for a never-ending cycle. Bad actors can try to file false chargeback claims but biometric consent verification is mandatory. Before approval of any transaction in the banking sector. AI-based technology confirms the client just like in age verification. The fear of fake chargeback, therefore, goes out of the room for sure.

OCR Services

The common part in every practice of identity check online, whether it’s verification of location or age, is the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. The screening service selects desired data fields of multiple document types in different languages and transitions them into a standard format for the digital solution.

Video KYC

The maximum KYC compliance after automated systems. A connected party validates a client in a live video call. Where a verification agent interacts with the customer and asks a bunch of questions. Meanwhile, in the identity check online the OCR technology collects the data and face from Id proof.  And you can compare one in the interview call.

Features of Identity Verification Solutions 

Global Coverage

The highlight characteristic of the global IDV solution is the sheer coverage of clients and businesses it provides to a concerned business. The history of clients belonging from different countries. And regions accessed in identity check online in a heartbeat really streamlines the customer onboarding with great accuracy. The multilingual system can support several languages.

API Integration

A business’s operating system can use identity checks online. Without any pre-installation or alterations in the device. The global solution can operate on desktops, iOS, and android with the same speed and precision.

Back-Office Access

After an identity checks online. The particular financial corporation or regular business entity can satisfy the procedure by witnessing evidentiary proofs. Images and videos of the verification in the back-office account of the IDV provider.


The sheer potential of online identity verification will rise, In the future years. Even after onboarding, the system protects the business from violations of clients. An Identity check online does not lose its significance. The data across multiple international data banks and AI-driven technology is what makes the solution inevitable.

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