Informative Guide On Cutting Kitchen Floor Tiles 

by Dani khan

If you layout the tiles with care. It can save you time and the number of tiles use. Thus, the project can be made super budget-friendly. That’s the reason you need to learn the procedure to cut down the tiles. So, the partial tiles with clean and smooth surfaces look so professional. Then the tiles with rough and ragged edges will look so odd and ugly.

Usually, professionals use power wet saws to cut down tiles for the floor and wall. But for small projects even a snap tile cutter is valid. You can simply DIY your kitchen floor tiles cutting. Like travertine floor tiles and other tile types. So, let’s have a look at the instructions given below.

List Of Content:

  • Tools Required
  • Material Require
  • Safety Precautions
  • Instructions
  • Mark The Cutting Point
  • Scoring Of Tile
  • Snap Cut The Tile
  • To Create Variations In Tiles: Mosaic Tile 
  • Sanding The Edges
  • Conclusion

Tools Required:

  • SnapTile Cutter
  • Eye protection
  • Pencil
  • Sanding sponge
  • Utility knife

Material Required:

  • Travertine Floor Tiles

Safety Precautions:

  • Make sure to always keep eye protection goggles while cutting tiles.
  • Wear hand gloves while handling tile.
  • Make sure to check the snap tile cutter for connecting power.


Here are some of the simple steps to DIY the tile cutting.

Mark The Cutting Point:

  • First of all, mark the tile to indicate where you want to cut.
  •  So, then place the glossy surface on the bed of the cutter. Keep it behind the cutting wheel and pressure pad. 
  • Then match the cutting points with the tools guidelines. Now press the edge of the tile strongly till the end stop of the cutter.
  • So, move the cutting wheel side by side with rails until they reach the edge of tiles.
  • Do handle it with care. 

Scoring Of Tile:

  • If the tile is firmly at its position. Then score the tile face by strictly pushing the tungsten carbide scoring wheel. Just across the face of the tile surface from the nearest side.
  • Thus, apply some pressure slightly in a downward direction while pushing the cutting wheel. 
  • So, this may require a second pass of cutting wheels to make a visible scoreline.
  • Don’t cut the tiles with multiple points.
  • Moreover, the multiple scores will actually chip the edges of the glossy finish of rugs. Hence makes the tile rough and dull.

Snap Cut The Tile:

  • Now after scoring the tile it’s time to snap and cut the tile. So, this is actually done by taking up the handle and pivot bar pressure to go down.
  • Let the pivot go down till the central position.
  • Thus, apply firm and gently increasing pressure going down the handles.
  • This may force the pressure pad to exile pressure evenly on both sides of the tiles. The pressure must be over the metal snapping ridges.
  • Lastly, if the tile is scored well. It will definitely snap sleekly along the scoreline.

To Create Variations In Tiles: Mosaic Tile:

  • It is used to cut mosaic tile sheets. Like the travertine mosaic tile used as backsplash etc. So, start the scoring wheel from the bottom of the first tile.
  • Then gradually, carefully, and sleekly score every single tile orderly.
  • So, to make sure that each and every tile is fully scored. 
  • This may take extensive time if you have very mini tiles. 
  • However, if your tile score lines are messy, they may not get scored neatly around the edges specifically. This can risk chipped and dull tile surfaces.
  • Thus, after scoring apply some force in the downward direction to each tile. And take one tile at a time to snap them. 
  • Now take a knife to tease the mesh and divide the sheet into two equal pieces.

Sanding The Edges:

  • Now it’s the final step of the tile cutting procedure by using a snap cutter.
  • So, simply take the tiles with sharp or jagged edges. 
  • Use a sanding sponge to smoothen and blunt the sharp and wild edges.
  • And your tiles are in a really good look now.
  • Thus, they are all ready to install on your kitchen floor or anywhere in your home.

Where To Buy Affordable Kitchen Floor Tiles?

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In conclusion, you must save your money in every way possible. So, for that, you need to learn DIY methods for home remodeling projects. Like the way, you cut down kitchen floor tiles and then install, etc. It’s no doubt the most useful and budget-friendly thing. 

Thus, all you need is to follow the above guide. Like the material, tools. Moreover, the simple and easy steps to cut down tile using a snap tile cutter. Like marking the tile, cutting the tile, scoring, and snapping. Lastly, it’s time to sand the sharp edges to give a finished look.


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