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Is It Possible To Travel Internationally With A CBD Vape Pen?

The tough times of the modern world have pushed us all into desperation. Many of us turn to various relaxing techniques or coping mechanisms at such times, and traveling is among them. Let us see if you can travel the world with your favorite recreational products like CBD vape pen

Cannabidiol, a modern-day trend, is one of the most famous cannabinoids (compounds derived from the Cannabis sativa plant) available on the market. Its users report several potential benefits and methods of consumption. It is a versatile product, standing the test of time, and it finally gained its deserved fame in the United States after The Farm Bill in 2018. Unfortunately, many confuse it with another similar compound from the same plant, pure THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). However, they come with a particular set of distinctions. Tetrahydrocannabinol can get its user euphoric, while CBD only infuses a light head buzz and no “trance” state per se. However, tiny amounts of THC are still usually present in CBD products, which regulate the legal form of the product. 

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a trend of the modern world, of the younger generation that thrives on devices and trendy looks. Typically, it involves a stylish-looking device, which may remind many of a pen. This pen-like device is the medium of heating a liquid inside it, which contains several critical substances like the primary compound (CBD and THC), flavors, and sometimes nicotine. Once heated, the user inhales the vapor created by this mixture. You feel the “hit” from the substance, which travels through your lungs to the bloodstream. Hence, vaping is also much faster than many other consumption methods.  

Can You Travel Internationally With A CBD Vape Pen?


Now comes the exciting part- is international travel allowed with a CBD vape? Maybe you are supposed to go on a vacation and are already sold on the product’s benefits. Or you are visiting your friend and want them to try these products so they can feel the amazing effects of the product that you enjoy. In such cases, can you take a vape pen with you to a different country altogether? The answer is, firstly it depends on the country you visit. There are several rules and regulations regarding these products worldwide, and you must check the laws of the country you are visiting and the one you are traveling from. For your convenience, we have provided the names of a few popular countries, which you can look at for a basic understanding. However, you must also check the complete guidelines and instructions based on your travel place. 

Popular Countries You May Want To Visit with A CBD Vape

If you consider visiting the United States of America from another country, there is a tricky affair. The FDA generally considers CBD products with less than 0.3% THC legal. However, various states in the country have different laws. So it is best to check the individual state’s laws as well. In Canada, CBD is legal and is available for medical purposes, so you will likely see stores selling them. 


Countries like Spain, Italy, Netherlands, The UK, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Romania, have legalized medical marijuana. However, countries like Germany and Portugal consider these products legal only with a medical prescription. Generally, Croatia, Hungary, and France consider CBD legal but THC illegal, like many other countries.  

CBD is classified as medical cannabis. CBD is also generally legal in Australia, under the condition that these products must not contain more than 50mg of any cannabinoid per kg. The limit for THC is also 0.3% here.  

Remember that it is illegal to bring CBD oil into China from another place as it is considered a food product. You must check the laws in the country to do so. Generally, hemp-based CBD is legal here, but avoiding bringing it from another country may be better. 

Meanwhile, many countries have legalized CBD in South America, like Argentina, Chile, and Columbia. But always check the laws of the country you visit before taking these products, and contact their authorities. 

Things to Keep in Mind

After going through the list above, you may understand the worldwide scenario reasonably. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind. First, it is because international travel differs from domestic travel, where points A and B fall under the same umbrella of a central government. So, for instance, if you are traveling between the US states of Indiana and Kansas, knowing the CBD rules set by the FDA would be enough, as CBD products are legal in both states (under certain conditions). However, you must also check with the airline you are traveling with. It is an additional security step that we recommend for maximum protection. It also applies to international travel, as the airlines may have various policies to keep such products away. Now suppose you are traveling by the suitable old waterways. In that case, there aren’t strict rules generally, but it is always better to be cautious. 

Lastly, permission from the destination country’s authorities would suffice if you travel from one country to another in your car. Remember that the mode of traveling plays a role in the type of permit you need. It is always best to be ready; therefore, ask for formal permissions wherever required. Your destination is also vital to forming a decision, so keep the legal authorities in that country in mind.


To conclude, it is always lovely to travel with your favorite travel buddy (if it is a CBD vape, we completely understand). When you are ready with your ideal dose, the beach wind feels more refreshing, and the ice on mountain tops feels even cooler. So, it is understandable that you want to take your vape on your next vacation. It is usually possible to travel with these devices, but you must take care of the formalities first. Hence, check with the proper authorities, check local laws, and only then bring it with you on your next travel.

You must also consult a doctor before using these products, as they react differently to different people. You should also beware of the laws in your area if you are thinking of trying these products. Once all that is taken care of, you may check the websites of the reputed vendors for amazing deals. They also assure you of the product’s quality and ensure a fantastic experience. Finally, you can check the organic reviews to understand these vendors better and decide which one suits you best. Bon, voyage! We hope the vapes bring you immense joy on your next trip.  You can also check out a diy cbd vape oil.

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