Is This The End of the Road For PRO Services in Dubai?

by charlie

Since PRO services first started in Dubai , PRO professionals have always maintained that the first thing they do when starting a PRO assignment for their customers is to carry out an extensive research on their customers PRO competition.  The same was true for ALECSO, who, before launching its PRO services in Dubai undertook an extensive research which included field visits to PRO customers in the UAE to understand PRO activities better and improve PRO services to customers.

Pro services in Dubai were initially introduced as a free service by ALECSO, who believed that PRO was for everyone regardless of their business size or customer base.

In Retrospect This Decision Proved To Be A Wrong One For Several Reasons:

First PRO professionals already had PRO accounts with other PRO service providers in the GCC, who were giving PRO services free to their customers.  At that time PRO in Dubai was not recognized as an industry in its own right and PRO professionals used PRO activities to win new business from local companies.

Second there were very few large PRO customers operating in Dubai, which caused significant revenue loss to PRO service providers.

Currently PRO services in Dubai are paid for by PRO professionals and is a very small percentage of their total business – although we expect PRO revenues to increase once more companies enter the market and PRO becomes more recognized as an industry.  However, there were and still is very few PRO professionals willing to pay for PRO services.  The reason for this may be that PRO is not seen as an industry in its own right. But rather a service built on top of other services. Where PRO professionals are required to upgrade their existing business model.

This Will Change Your Perspective About Pro Services In Dubai

We also think PRO services in Dubai are more expensive compared to the rest of the GCC. Where PRO professionals get PRO free of charge.  Both PRO service providers are currently looking at PRO in Dubai with a view to making it profitable. Which is why PRO in Dubai might go out of business sooner rather than later.

The PRO industry in the GCC has gone through significant changes over the past few years.  We have seen an increase in PRO professionals, PRO service providers and PRO customers.  However there are still many issues that need to be resolved in PRO activities in the GCC. Which could hold back PRO growth or even cause PRO services to go out of business.

This Is What We Call Pro Fear Factor:

The aims of this article are to capture some of these PRO issues and PRO concerns. Which we believe need to be resolved in PRO services.  We will review these PRO issues on a regular basis and create an extensive PRO blog that PRO professionals and companies with PRO requirements can read and learn from.  PRO is built on relationships between businesses and their customers – without legitimate PRO activities the industry cannot grow as PRO is too expensive for PRO professionals to maintain.

Final Words:

In the absence of PRO services. PRO professionals would have no choice but to rely on other channels such as SEO. And SEM.  However PRO activities are still a major player in terms of business development. Brand awareness and customer acquisition costs – In PRO we trust!

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