Key aspects to consider while choosing serviced/ managed workspace

by kbing

Flexibility is the buzzword in workspaces today. But does working from home give you the chance to work flexibly? Or is it proving to be a drain on your time and energy? Although this has become the new norm, the question is whether it is a feasible norm too? When asked about those active in operations, some professionals opined that they are happy with the flexibility but require an ambience that aligns with the office. Keeping in mind the expansive standard operating procedures, a co-working space is an apt solution for those who enjoy flexibility at work along with a professional ambience where they can network with the like-minded cohort.  Having understood the vitality of flexibility, we must define flexibility. Flexibility is mitigating boredom at work, and no, it’s not by cutting down on the work. It’s by making the place you work so energetic and attractive that work doesn’t seem like work!

Yes, the furnished office space provides this aspect as well. As someone who works at a coworking space in Bangalore gets the added advantages of interacting with a like-minded community thus being provided freshness each day and excitement too. Understanding flexibility and how it engages and makes professionals more productive. More on this can be explained in conjunction with the key aspects that are in line with serviced or managed workspaces. 

Open offices: Just like some are fond of the abstract, a lot of creative individuals prefer open space and shared offices which accentuates their thought process. Such an office does not have bays and is just like a large canvas, yet provides the required privacy as the seats are placed at an appropriate distance. Moreover, such open office space is preferred by corporates who take many seats in a managed office. This allows smooth communication between various departments of the organization, and also provides the ease of human interaction as people find it easier to reach out to each other. 

Brand Identity: The choice of having your unique brand identity even in a shared working space is indeed no less than a boon. The shared office space is designed in such a way that each corporation that intends to set up its office with seats for employees as well can have a brand identity visible for visitors and everyone on the floor. You can choose the color, layout, furnishings and can design your reception area according to the brand, the product, or the services you are selling. Apart from flexibility of choosing, the brand name proffers a sense of belongingness for its employees. 

Customized workstations: When we refer to customized workstations, we do not mean the color of the workstation, we mean the flexibility to sit anywhere you want to work or alter the workstation according to the comfort and design preferences of you and your team or even working in night shifts or day shifts. With different types of tables, short, tall, wide, or small cabinets available at the shared office space, you may choose to relax by sitting and working or energize yourself by playing in the gaming zone or breakout area. The customized workspaces also permit you to take your system to sit in a corner and work optimally, just like you would do at home, however, here the ambiance is more aligned with your energies. 

Data Privacy: Open offices and customized workstations are convenient, but they should also be safe. In no way, as a professional, do you need to feel daunted by the absence of data privacy. A reliable office space provider would be able to ensure that there is no breach of privacy and trust amongst the members. Data privacy is one the most vital aspects of an organization and shared office space/coworking space perceives this well. Hence, the design of the office is such that you and your data are both safe, irrespective of the number of people using the same internet in a coworking space. Choose a coworking office that you can rely on and that is honest and transparent when it comes to its claims of providing “24×7 high speed internet”. The vitality of breach and the consequences are well understood and abided by, hence, you can be carefree while you opt to choose a working space.

In a nutshell 

iKeva is one such coworking office solutions provider that ensures all the above key aspects are met with stringency, and not fiddled with under any circumstance. As a result, it is excelling in proffering spaces for individuals and corporate and has office spaces in three major hubs of India, namely Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The high quality services, world-class facilities and the customization and flexibility it has so far offered are praiseworthy. This is one of the most commendable features that iKeva has and is one of the main reasons why it is referred to as one of the most sought-after shared working spaces providers.  Other than that, for individuals as well, iKeva offers scalable spaces that are customized, safe, and equipped with the right kind of business services needed to accomplish their business objectives. 




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