Get Prescription Lenses And Adapters For Oculus Rift S

by kbing

If you’ve invested in an Oculus Quest or Rift S headset and a pair of prescription lenses, you might want to consider getting some prescription adapters. Plenty of factors can come into play if you plan to wear your lenses on both headsets, including but not limited to the shape of the lens. Most of all though, one thing you will definitely want is two lenses – one set with VR lenses (Quest) and a second set with prescription lenses.

What do Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest lenses and adapters look like?

The oculus quest 2 lenses and adapters come in just a case with all the components. Every component is individually packed, numbered, and named so it’s very easy to get them ready for assembly.  The original Oculus Rift was announced in 2016 and has since generated lots of buzz. It is a first-generation virtual reality headset that can be purchased for $399, but the headset will soon be replaced by the Oculus Rift S, which offers more realistic visuals that are better suited for an immersive experience. All Oculus Rift headsets will have some lenses and adapters available from day one. These include prescription lenses, foam inserts, and more. The Quest lenses and adapters will only be available when those devices launch on May 21st, 2019.

How much will prescription lenses cost?

There is no rule for getting prescription lenses for Oculus Rift S as it varies depending on the patient’s situation. The company prescribes that the lenses are not an individual expense. Many people are interested in getting prescription lenses for their Oculus Rift S, but they’re not sure how much it will cost them. Supposedly you’ll be able to get a basic pair of low-light prescription lenses for about $50, or you can pay about the same for prescription wrap contacts that offer scratch-resistant lenses and UV protection at an increased price.

Can I get prescription lenses after my purchase of the headset?

This can be a very confusing question, but the good news is that Oculus Rift S comes with sample prescription lenses and lens adapters. Lenses come in many shapes and sizes, but with prescription lenses, you can find your perfect match to get you what you need for VR by doing some basic research.

How long will it take to get prescription lenses or adapters?

With the Oculus Rift S, it can take a few weeks to get your prescription lenses right. However, getting an Oculus Rift prescription lens is much easier than getting a real-world appointment at the eye care provider as they’re typically good at providing custom prescription lenses. Additionally, Oculus worked with Direct Vision International to develop quick-adapter technology that enables viewers to simply snap their headsets in and out of foggy views in seconds.

If a friend already has prescription lenses, can they help me with mine?

If a friend already has prescription lenses, they can help you apply them to the Oculus S headset. If they don’t have lenses, they can help you check in with your doctor to get an order for them and finally fit them onto the headset if necessary.

Who is eligible for prescriptive eyewear services through Oculus Rift S?

Oculus Rift partners with leading ophthalmologists globally to provide a wide variety of prescription levels and courses. These providers (specialists and optometrists) will work with our international network of medical specialists to understand your prescription level and provide the lenses you need- along with the correct frame size- for a seamless fitting experience. You’ll also receive customized care, tips on hygiene, value-added content, educational resources, and much more through your Oculus account.

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