ligious Tourist Attractions That Tourists Can Enjoy

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Vacations to Singapore and getting hotel voucher from Traveloka for accommodation are certainly fun. However, for those of you who want to find a tourist location that is different from the others, then you can look for religious tourist attractions in this country.

In addition to being places of worship that are still active, some of these religious tourist attractions in Singapore show a harmonious and peaceful life in a multicultural and multi-religious country.

Migrants from China, India, and Arabia live peacefully side by side in Singapore, each immigrant bringing a different culture and religion.

Buddhism, Muslim, Hinduism, Christianity and Taoism are the five major religions in Singapore. Many free Singapore tourist attractions offer interesting religious tours to learn about. Almost all of the buildings where religious people worship in Singapore look majestic and Instagramable!

Curious about these interesting places? Here are religious tourist attractions in Singapore that you can visit!

Religious Attractions in Singapore

  1.   Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

This place of worship has indeed become one of the icons in Chinatown. So, before taking pictures in front of this temple, it feels like your vacation in Singapore is not complete.

The location is in the heart of Chinatown, South Bridge Road. The building’s attractive design and contrast with the surrounding buildings are believed to be a legacy of the Tang Dynasty. This four-story building has become one of the most iconic places of worship because it is similar to several buildings in Japan.


  1.   Sultan Mosque

For Muslim travelers, visiting mosques in other countries has indeed become one of the locations that cannot be missed. Well, one of the mosques that is often visited by Indonesian travelers in Singapore is the Sultan Mosque.

This mosque with a golden dome is located in Kampung Glam. Including one of the Muslim villages in Indonesia. In addition, you can also get halal culinary options around the Sultan Mosque.

This mosque is quite old. This building with a characteristic architectural style of a palace in the desert was built in 1824 and was renovated in 1932.

The best time to visit this mosque is during the month of Ramadan. As in Indonesia, during Ramadan there is a cheap takjil food bazaar around the Sultan Mosque Singapore.


  1.   St Andrew’s Cathedral

Turning to other religious communities in Singapore, one of the cathedral churches that is often used as a reference because of its charming architecture is St Andrew’s Cathedral. This church is a protected building because it is one of the cultural building sites in Singapore.

The architecture is reminiscent of the Hogwarts school buildings in the Harry Potter films. This church was even used as an emergency hospital during the second world war. The distance is quite close to City Hall MRT so it is very easy to reach.


  1.   Sri Krishnan Temple

If you have time to visit the Waterloo Street area in Singapore, there is an interesting building that stands in contrast to the surrounding buildings. This building filled with statues of Gods and Goddess is a sacred temple.

This temple was built in 1870 and is a place of worship for Hindus in Singapore. In addition to the Muslim, Christian and Buddhist communities, the Hindu community in Singapore is also one the thriving ones.

Just for your information, if you want to take pictures inside this Temple you will be charged a camera fee of SIN $3, while to shoot a video it will cost you around SIN $4. So, make sure to prepare the money. This temple is also adjacent to Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple so you can visit two different temples at the same location.


  1.   Abdul Gaffor Mosque

If you are still not satisfied with the religious tours in Singapore, there is one other mosque that you can visit. This mosque is named Abdul Gaffor Singapore. The location is in the Little India area which is a shopping paradise for Indonesian tourists.

The mosque, which was founded in 1907, underwent restoration or restoration in 2003. The architecture is interesting because it is very different from mosque buildings in general. So, make sure you can visit it while traveling in Singapore.

If you are planning to visit a religious tourist spot in Singapore, make sure you wear appropriate attire to show your respect.

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