Looking for Affordable Apartments and Houses

by Craig Kieswetter

For most of us, when shopping for property, houses or Kiama apartments for sale most of us are looking for something affordable. Here are some tips on what to focus on and think about to ensure you get the best new home for your money whether that is in apartment form or house form.

How long has the property been listed?

If a property has been on the market for a long time there is a good chance the sellers might be willing to move down somewhat on the selling price. The only way to find out is to make a lower offer, with the help of an agent you can come up with a reasonable offer, and then see what the seller says. If they come back with a counteroffer, you can then decide whether you want to raise the offer you made or back out.

Ask people you know

If you talk to people you know you might discover someone is about to put their place on the market and you can talk to them about putting an offer and maybe work out some kind of deal, especially if it is close friends or family as you look for an apartment for sale Kiama.

Look further from the center of town

The closer to the center of town you look, the more property costs whether you are looking at apartments or houses. If your budget is tight look at Kiama apartments for sale on the outer part of town and you can spend less.

Consider older properties

When you look at older properties whatever type you can often get them for less because there are more repairs to worry about that comes with owning an older property. With a house, this is especially true. If you have the skills to handle some DIY you could save money by buying a property others are not drawn to because it needs too much work.

Look outside the city

We mentioned moving to the outer parts of town to save money, but you could save even more if you move completely out and then travel in for work and social events. You can get some great bargains that way but you have to compromise with more travel.

Explore foreclosures

With foreclosures, you can get great deals because often the banks want to sell them as quickly as possible. The price on a foreclosed house is going to be lot less than one you spot at the estate agent’s or in an online listing.

Move into something smaller

The fact is downsizing is a great way to save money when you are looking to move. If you choose an apartment for sale Kiama that is smaller than your current place, you are likely going to pay less for it. It is a great chance to give away some belongings you no longer need, sell some other things and de-clutter in a big way.


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