Maintenance Tips for Getting More Years from Your Carpet

by Ester Adams

After getting a new carpet in your home, you want to look after it and ensure that it looks new for as long as possible. How do you achieve this? Here are some top tips! 

Professional Cleaning 

Firstly, one of the best ways to extend the life of your carpet is to get a professional to clean it. Every year, more people get carpets cleaned in Melbourne and it’s not hard to see why. When using the right company, your carpet will benefit from the expertise of professionals as well as the best equipment and products. 

By having carpets professionally cleaned, you prevent the mistakes of millions before you. These mistakes can happen when you use the wrong products or don’t clean the carpet frequently enough. A regular professional cleaning will keep your carpet in great condition even if you have a busy household with lots of feet traveling across it each day. 

Vacuum Frequently 

In between appointments, you should also vacuum as often as possible. Not only does vacuuming make your carpet look better, but it also stops debris from getting trodden into the deeper layers of the carpet. Over time, carpet gathers all sorts of dust, dirt, and debris, so it’s important to remove this every so often. 

Of course, this will also help those with allergies in the house because the dust doesn’t cause sneezing, coughing, and other issues. 

Treat Spillages Immediately 

The more you allow stains to build up, the more you reduce the life of your carpet. As soon as somebody spills something on the carpet, deal with the situation and use the right products to prevent stains from forming. Especially if you have children in the house, spillages and accidents will happen. However, it’s how you react to these accidents that will determine the survival of your carpet. 

One top tip is to treat spillages with a hot, damp cloth. As you place the soaked cloth over the stain, the warmth breaks into the stains and makes cleaning easier. Often, the best form of prevention is having the right products to deal with spillages. For larger spillages, contact your carpet cleaning service for advice (or to move the next appointment forward!). 

Encourage Positive Habits 

Next, another great way to prolong the life of your carpet is to get into good habits as a family. If you only have carpets upstairs, for example, and laminated flooring downstairs, don’t allow anybody to take food upstairs. Likewise, be sensible with drinks in carpeted areas. 

Furthermore, you could impose a no-shoes rule past the front door. This way, people take their shoes off upon entering the property and don’t tread dirt and all sorts of other debris into your carpet. While on this note, make sure you have a welcome mat because this is functional rather than just looking pretty. 

Additionally, some pet owners might want to keep their pets away from certain areas of the home (especially when they aren’t yet toilet trained). If you find that your pet keeps having accidents on the carpet, get a small handheld carpet extractor since this will remove liquids effectively. 

Additional Tips 

  • Change the layout of the rooms in your home so that footfall is distributed across the whole carpet rather than just specific spots. 
  • Use a pre-vacuum powder to improve the smell and health of your carpet. 
  • Keep an eye out for tufts and snags; when they appear, use scissors to cut the carpet back down to size (do not pull them!). 

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