Major Details Potential Users Should Know About SwissBorg

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One of the crypto exchanges new investors and traders should know about is SwissBorg. This exchange is one of the top crypto platforms and has seen quite significant growth since its establishment in 2016.

For people who want to know what is SwissBorg, it is a Switzerland-based crypto exchange and has been developed to make crypto investing and trading faster, safer and easier. There are several unique tools featured on the platform and one of the key factors that enhance the platform’s significance is its Wealth App.

Other outstanding factors of the exchange include its investment options, customized services, analytical tools and more. Therefore, any interested party that is looking to use this exchange should know the following major details of the platform.

SwissBorg Offers High Security

The SwissBorg exchange is an award-winning cryptocurrency exchange, thanks to its outstanding performance and innovative technologies. It is one of the safest platforms in the market as its administrative team comprises experts and prioritize the safety of the users.

The team of experts working behind the exchange make sure that every user has a secure and stable experience of buying or trading digital assets.

There are several stages of security that the exchange has invested in to make sure the funds and information of users remain safe from any kind of cyber threats and failures. The features that enhance the security offered by the exchange include:

  • Account recovery
  • MPC cryptography
  • Offline cold wallet storage
  • Platform stress testing
  • Security user checks
  • Two-factor authentication system

Fee Charged by the Exchange

SwissBorg price is yet another major factor you should know about before you use this exchange for crypto investing or trading. Every crypto exchange charges a fee that the users have to pay. However, the amount of fee charged varies from one exchange to another as well as the transparency of the fee.

SwissBorg is known to be one of the cheapest crypto exchanges in the market and has a transparent fee structure. This is one of the top reasons why this exchange is used by a large audience all around the globe.

The details of the fee charged by the exchange are mentioned below.

  • A small gas fee
  • Bank charges (depending on the bank)
  • Conversion fee ranging from 0.5% to 2.00% (for converting funds)
  • No fee charged for deposits
  • Withdrawal fee of 0.10% (average)

Wealth App

As mentioned above, the wealth app is one of the topmost features of the exchange that you can know about in this brief SwissBorg review. The wealth app has a very simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for beginners and experts to use the application and make use of all available features.

One of the outstanding features of the SwissBorg wealth app is its smart engine. The smart engine analyses hundreds of trading pairs in a short amount of time then searches and connects through different exchanges to get the best rates for either buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

The second impressive feature of the wealth app is the availability of analytical tools and cyborg advisors. There are deep learning algorithms that help users in getting better insight into their trading portfolio and how it performs. Users can also get advice from experts in real-time, which helps traders in identifying their mistakes and how they can improve.

The wealth app of the SwissBorg exchange also offers access to multiple cryptocurrencies in a single bundle.

Educational Game

SwissBorg is an outstanding exchange for all interested parties, whether they are new to the crypto space or not. One of the most impressive factors is the educational game for every user, especially the beginners.

The educational game on the exchange helps beginners in sharpening their skills and test their analytical skills. This feature also helps the users in predicting the movement of cryptocurrencies and more which gives a chance to the users to practice and increase the chances of earning free Bitcoin.

Once you get an idea about crypto trading and more through this game you can then fund your account and trade with real money at stake.

Final Takeaways!

SwissBorg is a well-established crypto exchange that features numerous impressive and outstanding aspects, tools and more. This exchange is not only popular among the experienced parties but also attracts the eye of people who want to step into the crypto space. However, it is important to know some major details of the exchange before you start using it. Therefore, as a first-time crypto investor or trader, make sure you have the above-mentioned information first.

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