Massive Change Governing Monetary Assets: The e currencies

by kbing

What is Digital Currency

E currency is the monetary asset that is managed, stored, or exchanged primarily in digital systems, over the Internet. Cryptocurrencies are a kind as they are purely digital and backed by blockchain technology. Transactions are stored in a ledger, a globally distributed database.The e currencies, unlike traditional ones, are not in form of paper rather are stored in form of credentials which is accessible with the private key. Because it has no physical form, it allows for almost instantaneous transactions over the Internet and eliminates the costs associated with distributing paper money and coins. Cryptos are not allocated by government agencies and are not considered as fiat currency. However, despite its potency in purchasing goods and services might face restrictions. However, Ricardo Salinas, the third richest man of Mexico has recommended Bitcoin, the crypto trendsetter, over the fiats while advising people to stay away from paper money. 

How to Buy Crypto with Fiats 

The official national currency, printed and administered by the government including US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, and more. Fiat is not backed by commodities. And the material from which it is made has no value in itself. Instead, the value of fiat currencies is defined by supply and demand as the government declared it a legal currency. ‘Fiat to Crypto’ is the buying of crypto tokens with fiats, for instance buying bitcoin with Euros. The reason which caused this need is that earlier, online trading platforms solely allowed the exchange of crypto for crypto. Therefore, Bitcoin could be exchanged for Litecoin, Litecoin for Ether, and similarly the rest. It was dramatic, as Bitcoin ATMs have always offered fiat to crypto solutions, but that’s how the online world worked. The American dollar, currently ranked as the first fiat used for crypto purchasing, owns 85.5% of the market share. Similarly, the Chinese renminbi was used for about 92% of the crypto purchasing. 

Fiat to Crypto from ATMs

ATMs have always used fiat to crypto prototypes. And some, say 20%, allow cryptocurrencies to convert into cash which includes coin cloud machines. However, no matter how shredded, the fastest and easiest way to convert fiat to cryptocurrency is to utilize a Bitcoin ATM. investors just need to put the cash in, scan their mobile wallet, and complete purchasing by selecting the desired bitcoins or altcoins. 

Centralized Exchanges

Centralized exchanges can be thought of as private token markets where customers can open accounts and trade the market pairs so far offered. Some of them accept fiat deposits, so USD and EUR can be converted to crypto coins. Most centralized exchanges offer different account levels with different trading and withdrawal limits. Just as there are different kinds of hot wallet apps that can be used to manage your tokens, there are also hundreds of centralized exchanges that can be used to buy tokens in fiat. Some exchanges operate only in specific countries being restrained by their respective authority. Most require identity verification to comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. Some have many trading pairs while others only offer a few. So much so several exchanges allow investors to purchase tokens with a credit card with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

Buy Crypto Online with Credit Card

Back earlier, investors were not able to make purchases with a credit card rather cryptos were owned by trading it within the sort. But with the evolution and advancements, can investors now use this method? The concise answer is yes. However, this largely depends on the credit card issuer and exchange platform. To buy and sell tokens, customers must first sign up by picking the exchange that accepts credit cards as some don’t. Also, some are region-restricted. Along with this, the downside is the fees associated with making purchases. So much so, issuers are likely to face additional card fees if they accept cryptocurrency purchases for instance Chase and American Express allow you to withdraw crypto purchases from your card, but treat crypto like cash, treating your transaction as a cash advance with a much higher interest rate and 5% down payment.

Process for Buying Cryptocurrency

The process customers have to go through is easy and exchanges, with advanced technology, guide them through the process using the step-by-step technique where they can sign up and carry their purchase out. Along with this, the centralized exchanges have to comply with KYC and AML regulations. 

  1. Look for a suitable and accessible exchange and create an account by signing up.
  2. Fill in the required information by following the steps for identity verification.
  3. Verify the documents by scanning and uploading them on the site to ensure KYC compliance.
  4. Before looking for the pair or solo token to purchase, deposit the fiats in the account to carry out the purchase. 
  5. Choose the coin/coins.
  6. Proceed to payment and select the credit card type to complete the process. 


The cryptocurrency market is in its infancy and is volatile. This means that the value fluctuates significantly up and down no matter what or when the token is purchased. Inexperienced investors and newbies are at high risk of vulnerability and mistake-making while purchasing e currencies. Hence the beforehand research and wise buying and selling counts the most. 

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