A Detailed Look At Medical Insurance for Owner Operator Truck Drivers

by kbing

When you become a truck driver, aren’t you always wondering about your potential losses? What if you get into a crash, or develop a serious illness? How much will your medical expenses be, and how much of your monthly income will be lost to this? With the planning and safety tips are given in today’s article, find out if these fears are really worth their risks.

Key Elements of a Medical Insurance Plan

Losing medical insurance at any point is always a big blow. It can turn an adventure you were planning into a massive financial burden that ends where it always began – ruined dreams and bailouts. There are just so many things too many health insurers recognize as important when it comes to their policyholders. Here are some important things to have included in your medical plans:

– Coverage for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders

– Non-TD (tobacco-dependent) coverage

– Senior plans (sometimes considered for employees over the age of 50)

Does Owner Operator Medical Insurance Have Network Exclusions?

When it comes to health insurance for self employed truck drivers, everyone is going to have them. The cost of medical insurance is based on the number of insurable individuals. However, with some firms and some plans, these companies may exclude certain courses of treatment so you must be careful about what treatments you accept.

How Long Do Deductibles Last?

Each individual employer is responsible for establishing what the deductible will be that every driver must pay in order for them to have insurance. However, some employers may be more hesitant to cover drivers because of their age, driving record, or sex. Small business employees have a higher deductible than large employers, who can sometimes only owe $500 or less. The reason for this, according to something like a good employer’s guide from the American Hospital Association (AHA), is because small businesses are at higher risk of claims costs.

Do I Need Coverage For Diseases Outside North America?

This can be tricky if you don’t know the answer. The shorter answer is yes. If your country of residence plus the countries where you plan on driving is <5, then this may not be something to take into account. For North American diseases, you’re covered 100% if you receive health insurance as an owner-driver. While this is not the case for diseases outside of North America where specific insurers offer coverage, it’s important to check with your personal policy setter before deciding on this path. With your change in lifestyle, insurance companies are offering more options for owner drivers that were previously not offered. At last count, 8 different companies were offering this type of health plan already!


Owner-operators have a need for specialized insurance that covers their specific needs. This article is provided for those looking for a guide to help them decide what type of medical insurance to buy, or if they should opt out of the industry completely because of their inexperience.

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