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Mens Designer Hats Styles Guide

Men’s fashion has become quite the talk of the town, these days. The runway models, and even big brands are now focused on making men’s fashion a more approachable style than before, for everyone to collaborate. One of the earliest fashion accessories for men is hats. Hats have been in fashion for a long time now, and they have always been a sign of royalty and respect. 

Hats have traditionally been worn for a variety of purposes, including protection, prestige, and vanity. A hat is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a sophisticated fashion accessory to express your personality, social etiquette, and way of life. These days, hats are not as frequently worn as in the olden days, though! Except for baseball caps and contemporary hoods, the twenty-first century is a hat-free era. This may be a fleeting fashion, but it has the same social significance as past age fads when men wore formal hats all the time.

When we think about hats, we only imagine the long-topped hats that were worn in ancient history. However, today, like other various things, these hats have undergone many changes. Gone are the days, when hats only used to be what you imagined. Today, is the day of fashionable and functional hats. Though you will find many types of hats in the market these days, the following ones are the most popular and trendy options that you should know about.

Baseball caps

Baseball caps come in a variety of styles, from snapbacks to dad hats, but a classic is always a good choice. Baseball hats began as basic, five-panel caps with adjustable straps worn by baseball teams, as part of their uniforms. They are now as much a fashion accessory, as they are a component of athletics. Due to its basic and stylish designs, the baseball cap has progressed to attain a legendary status among street-style stars and celebrities today.

Trilby hats

The Trilby is a near relative of the fedora hat; however, there is a slight difference in the way both these types of hats look. The Trillby hats have a short brim and slightly curved back borders. To complete a casually elegant summer appearance, they’re frequently worn with sunglasses. Though you may not find many variations of the Trillby hats in the market today, these are still some of the stylish hats to flaunt, wherever you go. The best part of these hats is that they are created for both men and women.

Fedora hats

The Fedora, like it or not, has endured the test of time. Fedoras are one of the most versatile men’s accessories. It has gone from being the hat of choice for criminals in the 1920s and 1950s, to a hipster staple item in the 2000s. Today, the felt, firm-brimmed hat is back in style, and is a great accent to any wardrobe. Although fedoras come in a variety of sizes and hues, we recommend choosing the ones with neutral tones and medium widths.

Bowler hats

Famous actors, such as Charlie Chaplin, Curly Howard, and John Cleese have made the bowler hat one of the most emblematic objects of men’s fashion in Britain. It is a hard, felt hat with a narrow brim, which is also referred to as a derby. This hat is popular among the high, middle, and lower classes, although we wouldn’t recommend wearing it casually. Double-breasted jackets, fitted pants, formal shoes, a vintage Corvette, and a British accent are all good choices for this style,


After the New York Snapback grew increasingly popular with Yankees fans, the ’90s style baseball cap broke into the fashion world. Snapbacks had taken over the market by then. Hat connoisseurs, fashionistas, and cool kids all around the world started wearing them with a lot of passion. The term, snapback, originates from the rear of the hat’s adjustable fastening. It’s one-size-fits-all, and comes with a stiff design, making it more structured than dad hats. 

Flat cap

Flat hats, which are popular among celebrities and TV characters, have humble origins. Traditionally, chimney cleaners and farmers used to wear flat caps. These fashionable hats are made of wool, tweed, or cotton. The stiff-brimmed spherical flat caps come with lining for added warmth and comfort. Flat hats look best when worn with a sophisticated casual outfit.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are back in style, and the ’90s style shows no signs of slowing down. The bucket hat has evolved from a simple angler’s cap to something downright stylish, thanks to its appeal among numerous musical and skateboarding subcultures. Made from heavy-duty cotton materials such as denim and canvas, or wool mixes like tweed, bucket hats have wide, downward-sloping brims, like an inverted bucket. For years, they have been a street style staple, but they can also create a laid-back urban appearance. Wear a bucket hat with a bomber jacket, high-tops, or even a jersey, to complete the appearance.

Pork pie

The pork pie became immensely popular, thanks to its appearance on the show, Breaking Bad. Hipsters, nowadays, choose to wear the pork pie style of hats that come with a cylindrical crown. It also features a flat top with a pinched edge around the outside. These hats have a sophisticated, modern, and creative look.

Bottom Line

Ever since their creation, hats have been beautiful and stylish fashion accessories for men. If you have been looking for an awesome gift for the special man in your life, you now know what you have to get him. Hats, with their style, expression and exuberance, can add a lot of glamour and oomph factor to any attire – be it a beach outfit, or a three-piece suit. The key is to understand the hat style that is trending, and buy that to create a new and stylish look, wherever you go. By now, you would have understood that hats are the best bet to create a transformation in men’s fashion, without trying too much. Though they look simple, these hats exude a lot of class and elegance, and one must never underestimate their role in modeling a man’s looks! 

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