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Meta Business: The Bitcoin equivalent of the real Business World

Have you ever felt that your business is being held back not because of you or the idea behind it but purely because of real-world problems like real estate, and financial and logistical delays? If that is so, Meta Business has come forth with a solution that even an average tech-savvy guy can find innovatively useful.

Meta Business has designed a virtual marketplace in the rather infant world of Metaverse. Here, the Meta Business team has put sincere efforts into isolating real-world problems that businesses face and has given a virtual alternative to solve them. 

Here, one will find out about what actually is the Meta Business Project, How does it plan to be useful, What is the roadmap for the project and so on. Let’s get into it.

What is the Meta Business Project?

Meta Business: The Bitcoin equivalent of the real Business World

Meta Business is a name that has a high potential of being a big name by the end of this decade in terms of the revolutionary programming team behind it and the numerous problem solving innovative ideas that came out of this project. For people that care more about technical mumbo jumbo, Meta Business is a Blockchain-based Web 3.0 program that is to be developed as a virtual market.

This project will provide a virtual Metaverse to all investors into this project. In the simplest of terms, if a business is having trouble finding a suitable and reasonably priced real estate to be used as an office, they can enter the Meta Business world virtually, browse through their office locations and rent or purchase an office floor or a plaza or even a stall if needed just like in the real world but only virtually. Now, they can commence their operations just as they would have in the real world but again, only virtually in the Meta Business World.

Think of it as a video game that has real-life consequences in place of gratuitous violence and killing frenzy. Using the latest MEFI token technology, financial problems will be mitigated as transactions will be conducted comparatively faster than the conventional fiat mode of payments. Moreover, with the team of experts behind it working round the clock devising the latest business strategies to take this project forward, Meta Business is set to a bright entry into the Metaverse train.

How does the Meta Business project plan to solve real-world problems?

Let us first familiarize ourselves with the problems that are supposed to be solved via this project. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2019 and brought the world to a literal standstill, it came to the fore that the financial and logistics chains around the planet are utterly unorganized and non-uniform. 

Secondly, with the ever-increasing load on the existential financial systems compounded with their outdated mode of conducting transactions in an opaque manner, Meta Business brings all the good of MFI tokens into a traditional business’s way of conducting transactions lightning fast and safe.

This project aims at bringing about an order in the manner of conducting businesses apart from the current business model.

To be more precise, Meta Business will bring about the following changes to the current conventional real-world business model;

  1. Business Model with Metaverse
  2. Workplaces with Metaverse
  3. Artificial intelligence business assistants
  4. Fast logistics and supply
  5. Commercial activities and agreements
  6. All transactions happen quickly with MEFI Token
  7. MEFI Token stability and continuous value enhancement with MEFI
  8. Economic strategies
  9. Systems are always the best with professional business and financial designs

What is the roadmap for the development of the Meta Business Project?

Although the roadmap isn’t confirmed and is subject to change is the possible future, the current plan for the Meta Business Project and its counterpart crypto coin MEFI is as follows;

  1. Private sale of MEFI token
  2. Demo Access to the Virtual Meta Business World 
  3. First Virtual Meeting in the Meta Business World
  4. Market Negotiations and Final Decisions
  5. Producing Virtual Land and Workplace offices to be sold as NFTs
  6. NFT Price Negotiations
  7. Binance Secure Chain (BSC) Scan and all approvals
  8. Pancake Swap Listing of MEFI
  9. Producing Meta Humans to interact with in the Virtual world
  10. CMG and CG listings
  11. Reach the mark of 3000 holders of MEFI
  12. Begin NFT Sales
  13. Market listings and other partnership agreements

It must be mentioned here that although it is a pretty promising roadmap for a new project, it is not solid as of now. Dates and deadlines are still being deliberated and partnership agreements are still at the chalkboard levels.

Tokenomics for MEFI token

Having discussed enough about the Meta Business Project, it is noteworthy to mention the counterpart of this project, the MEFI token. It will be available to trade on PancakeSwap and other major crypto exchanges.

MEFI will be the undeclared official currency of Meta Business world in which all transactions will take place at a lightning fast speed all the while giving a boost to the value of this token, rewarding holders.

The exact tokenomics of MEFI are as follows;

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Contract: 0x6A06d3fDD17bc335fa076F544794879E22aAd4B2

Decimals: 9

Total Supply: 100 000 000 000

Slippage: %3

  1. 16.52% of all MEFI tokens will be reserved for private sales
  2. 10.00% of all MEFI tokens will be locked for liquidity and listing purposes
  3. 7.00% of all MEFI tokens shall be used for Advertisement and Marketing.
  4. 30.00% of all MEFI tokens shall be reserved purely for being used in the Meta Business World for at least 24 months.
  5. The rest of MEFI tokens shall be made available to purchase and trade from time to time.


We talked about the Meta Business project and how it solves some real world business problems like lack of real estate, financial delays and logistics problems. We also talked about the MEFI token, its roadmap and specific tokenomics. 

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