Modern Bench Designs That Will Enhance Your Landscape

by Ester Adams

There are about 9 million housings in Australia. Other than these, office buildings, restaurants, and various gardens have great landscapes.

Every house, every place deserves a beautiful landscape. Whether it be just a small patio or a very large garden, setting up a modern bench will surely bring elegance and convenience. 

These modern benches have multiple designs, including those with cushions. Many shops provide such cushions. For example – bench cushions from The Foam Booth.

Below are some of the most popular modern bench designs that will truly enhance your landscape and make your office, home, restaurant, patio, garden, or any place even more pleasing.

  • Modern Metal and Wood Bench

This bench combines the simple elements of wood and metal to give comfortable seating and be aesthetically pleasing. Made from solid wood, Acacia makes it not only weather-resistant but also affordable.

  • Modern Wooden BenchWith Shelf

If you are looking for an elegant design and want a storable bench, look no further! This modern outdoor bench has a storage shelf to store useful items like magazines, books, trays, or anything you desire. In addition, ceramic pots and flower pots can be placed on the shelf.

  • Modern X-Base Wood Bench

If you are going for an ancient look but still need a strong bench, check out the Modern X-Base Wood Bench. It can carry up to nearly 180 kg of weight. Its side frames have an X-like construction which brings in a rustic look and makes it sturdy. Whether placed in the centre of the landscape or pushed to the corner, this bench will always attract attention to itself.

  • Modern RS Barcelona Wood Bench

A family-friendly yet stylish bench is the modern RS Barcelona wood bench. This bench has oval seats and has wide legs with special additional cushions which provide great comfort. You can check out bench cushions from The Foam Booth for more cushions.

  • Modern Teak Bench

Modern teak benches include outdoor, metal, plank garden, and various other types. The main speciality of these benches is the strong teak accompanied by a beautiful structure. The varied designs are not only attractive but very comfy. When combined with metal X legs, Teak is the most suitable for outdoor use.

  • Modern Waterproof Bench

When buying a bench, we always worry about the damage by weather, especially rain. This bench has a waterproof liner that can be removed. There is also a storage space that remains dry due to the waterproof liner. It has a great texture and has a very comfortable backrest.

The Bottom Line

Our world has driven itself into luxury. But sometimes, this luxury and appearance make it very easy to lose convenience and comfort. But these modern bench designs are not only convenient but also very comfortable, but also pleasing to the eyes and the body. Special features like waterproof liners are provided. And these small features make the bench designs even better. We can also add our customizations from shops like bench cushions from The Foam Booth, which make the benches more suitable to our needs and requirements.


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