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Most useful bathroom upgrades for your home

Our research has found many homeowners who want to upgrade their bathrooms. When we buy houses, we first look at bathrooms and kitchens. It is because these are the two rooms that stand out the most. Many people view their bathroom as an oasis or a place to getaway. The better the bathroom condition, the safer we feel at home. The only issue is that it is time our bathroom gets outdated. This means we would want to do work to it, but sometimes it could just be so darn expensive. If you have the money to remodel your bathroom, we highly recommend getting started. This article will discuss bathroom upgrades for your home, giving you some idea.

bathroom upgrades

The color of your bathroom

To some people, color makes all the difference. We admit that a nicely colored room can make you feel more comfortable. Darker colors tend to make people feel uncomfortable and intense. Some people go to their bathroom to unwind with a nice bath. Why not choose a pleasant light color for your cabinets, walls, and tiles. These are all things that will allow light into your bathroom. You also want to try to match the color scheme of everything else. For instance, if you get a light-colored tub. You’re going to want to match the walls with a similar light color. Never go too much white, and it may give you a headache. Also may make everything seem too bright.

Choosing the correct shower head

This is a significant aspect to consider when we look to remodel a bathroom. Sometimes, we may be stuck with a very old showerhead with no pressure on it in our home. They’re a range of different shower heads that you can purchase. Ones that detach, those with a rainfall feel, or those with jet-type pressure. They’re also prices that range from 30 to $150. If you have the budget, we highly recommend something more practical. And once again will also fit what your needs are when it comes time to shower. Make sure that it matches the tiles or the backdrop of your bathroom. Could get stuck with the showerhead that looks out of place.

Choosing the right grout

Mostly every bathroom is going to have tiles. Choosing the suitable color grout to match the tiles will be extremely important. You do not want to get a dark color on light-colored tiles. Look for something that will match the backdrop of your bathroom. Something is going to go in smooth and look nice. Don’t get the cheaper grout because, over time, it will tend to wear out. You will also want the grout to settle for a few days before showering. It becomes a hassle if it doesn’t settle right; it will continue to loosen. Leaving shavings all over the place.

Choosing metal

When you have a cabinet mirrors and anything else that can contain metal. It is wise to choose the right type of metal. You don’t want to get drawers or cabinets with cheap light metal attached to them. Because over time, the handles will tend to weigh down and break apart. You can look for stuff with stainless steel. That will tend to last longer than any type of light metal. Usually, cabinet drawers are where you’ll find stainless steel used. It is because it is a material that will last a long time.

Having enough lighting

Some people do not think about the lighting when they remodel a bathroom. They figure that you use the bathroom to groom yourself every single day. However, if you do not have the correct type of natural light, it will be essential to add lighting. Typically we have one light in our bathroom, and it’s on the ceiling. You can even add additional lighting above your mirror for better visibility. For example, you could do three-prong lights attached across the mirror. Or even you can add two different lights on the side of your mirror. Since this is where you’re going to need to see the best.

Painting the tub or getting a new one?

A lot of tubs are expensive to purchase. They’re also a hassle to install a new one. It is why plenty of people are using paint instead of installing new. Sometimes you can even lay a tub cover over the old one. Making it seem like you just got a brand new tub. The paint we talked about is a gloss that goes over your existing tub. It is expensive but not as expensive as getting a new shower or tub. You can easily code it yourself in the matter of the day. You do have to give it a couple days to dry, but it is an excellent solution to restoring any old tub.

Maximize storage space

Having enough room in your bathroom can be a challenge. If you are getting your bathroom remodeled, you can always speak with an expert about spacing. We recommend not getting too large of vanity or toilet if they sit by each other. It could shrink your bathroom if you ignore space. Adding shelves throughout the bathroom can be a huge help when it comes to adding room. The cabinets tend to get in the way. It is why it is easier to stick to floating shelves. That will allow for more space for things in your bathroom.

Faucets that look nice

Getting a faucet that looks nice can make all the difference in your bathroom. You can find a decent one from 100 to $200. Depending on the style you are looking to keep in your bathroom. It may be good to Shell out a little bit more. With all the different colored faucets they have for bathrooms, you can really match the rest of the room. Ensure you get a known brand such as Kohler, delta, or other name-brand faucets. The reason being is that they are much easier to get replacements for if anything is to break.

Choosing the right flooring

Plenty of people think of bathroom flooring as it should be tile. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; there is no more material people use for flooring every day. Some have even used hardwood flooring for their bathroom. If you do this, you will have to code it with water sealant. It is essential to do so what or don’t get through. If you decide to do tiling, there’s now a choice between 24-in or smaller 1-in tiles. Depending on the look you are going for, you will have to decide which tile you select to use.

Keeping up with your bathroom

Most people, as we said, do not have the money to consistently update their bathroom. Doing a little thing here and there can make all the difference. Try to do one to two things to your bathroom a year. Unless you have the money to completely remodel it yourself. Plenty of people buy old homes and do the work yourself. If you’re looking to get your bathroom remodeled, you should be looking at $5,000 and $15,000 for the whole bathroom. Get a few estimates from different people; you’re not stuck on one price. You may even find it cheaper to use somebody else to help maximize the value of your home!

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