Netgear Router Not Working After Firmware Update?

by kbing

Netgear router not performing firmware update is one of the most common issues faced by many users across the globe. But, you don’t have to worry! In this article, we have provided a couple of fixes that will help you prevent the issue on the fly.

Fix Router Not Working After Firmware Update

Fix 1: Power Up Your Router

The first tip in our post to fix router not working after firmware update is to check the power. There are possibilities that your router isn’t powered on properly and you are thinking that it is not working after performing Netgear router firmware update

So, turn on your router and check the power being supplied to it. Ensure that the power is steady and fluctuation-free.

Still your Netgear router not working? No worries! Give the next troubleshooting tip a try.

Fix 2: Download Correct Firmware Version

Chances are that you haven’t downloaded the correct firmware version as per your router’s model and that is giving you issues. So, visit the official site of Netgear and download the correct firmware version for your router model.

Bonus: If you have already installed the firmware and you find that it isn’t meant for your router’s model, then you have no option left then to reset your Netgear device.

Don’t worry! The reset process doesn’t affect your router. Instead, it will make your router brand new. Just make sure to take the back up of your router’s settings, like Netgear router login details, configuration and security settings, etc. The reason being, after reset process you have to configure your router again. And, if you have the back up, you won’t encounter any issues.

Don’t worry! The reset process isn’t a rocket science. It can be performed easily by following a couple of instructions highlighted below.

Here’s how to reset your Netgear router:

Step 1: First of all, if you have connected your devices to your router’s WiFi, consider disconnecting them.

Step 2: Keep your Netgear device power on.

Step 3: Locate the reset hole on the router.

Step 4: Hold, press, and release it.

Your Netgear router resets successfully.

Now, to get the most out of your router, configure it again. Don’t know how to configure the router? No issues! In this article, we have provided instructions to configure the Netgear router as well.

Here’s how to configure your Netgear router:

Step 1: First, power on your Netgear router.

Step 2: Connect the router to your modem. You can use an Ethernet or a wireless source for connecting your devices.

Step 3: Turn on a desktop. If you have a laptop, use it instead.

Step 4: Open a web browser of your choice on the device. Ensure that the web browser isn’t outdated. Clear the entire browsing history as well.

Step 5: Hover the mouse cursor over the browser address bar.

Step 6: Enter without making any typing errors. To prevent not working issue, do not enter the web address in the browser’s search bar.

Step 7: Press Enter.

Step 8: The login page of your Netgear router displays.

Step 9: Provide the Netgear router login details in the required fields.

Step 10: Click Log In and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If after entering the web address in the browser’s URL bar, you aregetting not working issue, then you can use IP.

As soon as your Netgear router gets configured successfully, unplug it and move to your preferred location. After resetting and configuring your Netgear router, you will definitely get the updates available for your router. Now, what you have to do – search for the firmware updates available as per the availability of your router’s model. As soon as you find the availability, follow the on-screen instructions and perform the Netgear router firmware update process from the comfort of your home.

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