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Omer Barnes – Entrepreneurship with a Difference

When it comes to giving back to society, Omer Barnes wants to look outside of the box to best affect those he believes are the most in need. Through a combination of a passion for entrepreneurship, instilling in the youth a passion for building businesses, and collaboration, Omer Barnes is carefully threading the needle on building a future with the most impact.

“You have to be strategic in how you can best find the time to balance your business interests with delivering what is best for the community,” says Omer Barnes.

The community is one of the most important aspects of any social entrepreneur, and giving back should be at the top of one’s list if one wants to be considered a success. As a result, Omer Barnes has developed multiple initiatives to give back to the community by learning and by being one of his core guiding principles to the youth that he works with.

“The way I learned as a child was through experience, and I think it is still the best way to get better at something like business,” says Barnes.

While many have said that it is best to learn by doing, many people are always stuck trying to figure out how to begin in the first place. Omer’s goal is to create opportunities for individuals to come in and perform in real-world business situations to get better at being business owners. By looking at entrepreneurship as a skill rather than something that just falls into your lap, the entire community can benefit by having excellent leaders and managers that can apply their skills to many other aspects of life.

“It’s not just about creating small businesses and teaching people about entrepreneurship but also learning more about who you are and what you are capable of,” Barnes says.

Getting opportunities to prove yourself is not a common occurrence, but with a leader like Barnes looking to give back to the community, several others are now getting their chance to discover the entrepreneur in themselves and, at the same time, empower their route to a successful career.

With the digital ecosystem prime for new players, it only makes sense for new opportunities to spring up for historically underrepresented individuals, a mission that Omer sees as one of his life goals. By taking advantage of a more flexible approach to business, and one that does not require large infrastructure changes like opening up a physical store but instead a digital marketplace, Barnes feels that the younger generation is primed to make a massive change that will uplift the overall community and make huge strides towards greater equity.

“It has long been overdue, but I feel that we are living in a critical period right now. Giving as much support as we can to young entrepreneurs will be key to how things shake out in the next decade,” Barnes says.

With all of his actions pointing toward uplifting his community, it’s no surprise that Omer Barnes is primed to do whatever he can to help out.

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