Online travel systems that make booking easier

by henry.marc

It can be a joy to travel, but it can also be a hassle to organize. For example, if you’re going to Limpopo, you will find so many things you can do in Limpopo. It would be so much simpler if you could organize your trip more efficiently. These online travel platforms make it easier to travel.


Staff can find it difficult to book business travel. Staff will bounce from one site to the next, looking for the best flights and accommodations to meet their company’s spending limits.

We are often happy to have so many options. Too many options can lead to frustration and waste of time.

TravelPerk solves this problem by consolidating the largest travel inventory worldwide in one location. TravelPerk is just like your favorite sites. It brings together all the major travel websites into one dashboard.

It’s even more fun for finance departments. It is easy to track bookings and produce reports if your entire company travels together.

TravelPerk was created for businesses, not like the websites you use in your personal life. They know the records you must keep. You’ll also be able see who booked what trip, when and for what purpose.

Olivier Billon, CEO of Ykone, says that before TravelPerk our company booked trips in a very old-fashioned way. “We used consumer websites to book flights and hotels, which made it difficult to track everything.”

Finance teams now have the ability to give their colleagues autonomy in booking trips and still have visibility and control over what was booked.

AirBnb is a great option for work 

AirBnb for Work is something you may not have heard of. You can also book different accommodation types for your team.

There are some key differences.

  • Bookings can be linked to the company profile. The team member can make a booking for the property they want, and the finance team can get the details and invoice later.
  • This isn’t just for overnight accommodation. You can rent space for meetings, conferences, or even temporary office space.
  • AirBnb experiences can also be used to help you find great team-building activities for your group if you are traveling with a group.

“With the dashboard we can see where all our employees are travelling and where they’re staying as well as their average spending rate and cost savings every year,” stated Ashley Schmitz, Regional Lead Executive Assistant at Campari America.

AirBnb for Work allows you to use the same features as AirBnb for personal travel but allows you to track your bookings easier.


TravelBank is similar in concept to TravelPerk (above). It is a central tool that allows team members to book all of their travel together.

This allows you to book, track, and book trips from start to finish. As we said, having one place for your team to book and pay is a huge benefit. It can also help you avoid debt by not having to go to multiple places.

However, most users love the expense reporting functions. The user can take screenshots of receipts for ground and flight transport, which are then matched with charges on the company’s card.

This automates the expense reporting process, which is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of work travel for both employees and finance staff.

TravelBank also offers individual rewards for travelers. Users don’t have to spend their entire travel budget. Instead, they can earn personal rewards by bringing in a discount for the company. This is a great way to encourage responsible spending.

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