Painting your house? Here is what you need to know

by kbing

Homes are often the reflection of the personalities of the people living in them. With the vibrant nature, chic taste, interest in art or music, and liking for television, you usually come to know a lot about a person just by looking at their houses. The same can be said even about their choices in paint and colors. These aspects can bring out a part of your personality that you probably didn’t even know existed. 

Here are a few things you need to know before painting your house:

  1. Having the right materials – The most important thing before beginning any project would be to ensure that you have a hold of all the right and necessary materials from the beginning of the project so that there is no hindrance at any step of the way. We usually forget to account for items like wall putty, rollers, brushes, and much smaller items like masking tape or sponges are almost not counted at all. The putty, for example, would make your life easier as it increases the durability of the paint job and amps up the look of the paints. Similarly, the masking tape will help you peel the plastic-covered furniture with ease without leaving marks. 
  2. Choosing the right colors – For any home project, it is vital to spend time looking at the colors in question and choosing the ones that would go well with the preferences of the people living in the house. A relaxed and calm vibe can be achieved with a certain set of shaded while a vibrant set of colors would energize the atmosphere. The overall colour combination for house can depend on each person or a cumulative decision of the members. If the whole house is based on modern and contemporary décor, use more neutral colors to go with the theme. Each room can also have its color scheme.
  3. Using easy and simple designs – These days, with technology and the experience of brands and workers, it is not as tough to choose simple designs that would work well to amp up the look of the rooms and the house. There are stencils and wall designs that come with different color options that people can choose from. You can take inspiration from the colors that you have chosen as the background for your room or you can decide to select the designs first. Use your discretion as you plan to incorporate these unique items while you do up your house. Things need not be ostentatious and flashy; you can keep them simple and still create an impact. 
  4. Planning well – If you plan anything well, you will be able to achieve all that you had decided to and a lot more. Planning everything down to the T like paint and raw material costs, overall budget, surface areas, contractors and laborers to be hired, designs and time needed, etc would help you understand what is required of you and the overall execution plan could be followed. In your plan, make sure to also include obstacles and hindrances that you may encounter and take those into account. Use the latest technology to research and carry out your plans efficiently. Technology may also help you gauge how the interiors of your house might look once it’s done and can give you a mock image. 

What you need to know is probably equally important as what you need while starting a painting project. Having an idea of these nuanced aspects saves a lot of time and energy overall and can result in faster and more efficient work. Enjoy this process and make it fun!

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