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Preparing for JEE main and tips on how to crack the exam

JEE is rated to be one of the toughest exams in India that requires hard work and determination. Students need to put in the hard yards to clear the exam with flying colours. Lakhs of students sit for the exams every year in the hope of joining IIT but out of that only 20 % of the students end up clearing the exams. When it comes to the top notch engineering institutes of the country it is not only about solving NEET sample paper a considerable degree of effort is to be involved in the same.

Before you begin the preparation for the exam it is necessary for you to have an extensive knowledge about the course curriculum of the exams. Be aware of the exam patterns and the important questions that are asked during the exams. Taking all these points into consideration there are a few pointers that would enable you to clear the exam this coming times.

A clear cut goal is necessary

When a person sets up a goal and writes it on a piece of paper, he is motivated to work towards that goal. It is necessary that you remain positive and have confidence in your abilities. Sometimes the preparation for the JEE exam will slow down your motivation levels and could make you feel bored but indulge in webinars. The podcasts will help you gain knowledge and remain focussed. The students who are appearing for the JEE main exams are advised not to drop down their morale. Just they need to remain calm, confident and believe in the best of their abilities. So as to keep yourself relaxed before the day of the exam mediation and on the day of the exam you can give your best.

A time table is necessary

There are certain type of entrance exams that require a lot of preparation and proper scheduling is important. If you follow a proper plan it will enable you to organize and distribute things. The exams of JEE does not only focus on the preparation of Physics , Chemistry and Maths but there are plenty of JEE main mock test papers that will give you a precise indicator on how to proceed. If there is a lack of planning you will be confused and lead to a useless direction. Hence it is better to divide your study and plan your schedule accordingly.

Using the right set of books

The books that you choose should be useful and would aid in the preparation. Normally NCERT books are recommended, by many, but in addition to this there are numerous other books that you can refer. This is going to help you gain knowledge about certain topics.

Revise and do not turn a blind eye to this at all

When you are preparing for the JEE main exams it is not only about preparation. What you have prepared you need to be able to implement it in practice. This is one of the crucial pointers that you need to keep in mind when you are preparing for the exam. Practicing the previous year’s question paper will give you an idea about the exam pattern and the likely questions that would be asked in the coming year of the exam. Even opting for mock tests will give you an idea how well is your preparation and the area that you need improvement. Apart from this during the phase of preparation it is suggested that you note down the important topics and formulas that may come handy at the time of revision.

A healthy lifestyle is a must

A seldom practice that emerges is that students who are preparing for the exams end up neglecting their health during the exam preparation stage. Opt for a healthy diet and indulge in nutritious food and keep away from junk food on all counts. It would be better if you could mediate and indulge in various outdoor activities. You may listen to music and calm your mind. Even playing games like carom or chess is going to increase your concentration levels.

The above mentioned tips would enhance your concentration levels and provide you with the much needed confidence to ace the exams. It is not always that self- study may guide you on how to prepare for the exams as you may require some outside help. To combat such situations platforms like Infinity Learn can be of help. They have entered the education domain and have gone on to create ripples. A testimony to this fact is the number of students have a reported an increase and have joined the platform. They have qualified personnel who are going to guide you at each and every stage of your education journey.

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