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Pushpa! It is an Arjun Allu film where you can’t take your eyes off even for a second. 

It keeps the audience engrossed, never letting you guess what the next move is going to be. Whether it is its suspense-driven plot or a totally unexpected climax, you couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Cryptic, dark, intense, and a true thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its 3 hours runtime. So, let’s get started with the review. 

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What’s The Story About?

The storyline is engaging. It revolves around our hero, Pushpa, a laborer in the forest who is involved in the smuggling of red sandalwood. With his wit and connections, he soars up to come out as a true gangster in the area. 

In his journey, he locks horns against other thugs in the same business, and seeing him counter them & the police is what the movie is all about. The witty tips and tricks Pushpa uses to combat his rivals are the highlight of the film. These subplots keep the film interesting and alive. 

Like most Tollywood movies, this one is unrealistic as well, but not in a bad way; the gripping storyline keeps you engaged and makes things appear believable. A strong and unpredictable villain is the best thing about this film. 

Each action scene is raw & exciting, and the tension that comes along with each encounter makes your tummy flip! 

How’s The Cast?

You couldn’t have asked for a better cast. A character as firm, dark, grave, classy, and full of swag as Pushpa couldn’t have been played better by anyone other than Allu Arjun. He brought life to the story. 

The character-building was amazing. You get to know Pushpa well; his life, his persona, his over-ambitious nature, and his audacity! It’s as if you become a part of the character and live in his head throughout the movie. The mass dialogues, uncertain plot, and passionate acting by the artist transfer you to his own world. 

Arjun is a sort of actor whose expressions are all you need to know in the context. Pushpa was a difficult and physically demanding character. The action scenes were intense and required a lot of effort, but he nailed every scene in the film. 

From romance, action, drama, comedy, and dance, he was a complete package. We had expectations from him, and he delivered in the best possible way. 

Rashmika, featuring as Shrivalli, was decent with her acting. She was just brought in for a short interval to add a little touch of romance to the movie. Something very typical of Indian cinema. But even in her little role to play, she did it gracefully. 

Can’t go without mentioning our phenomenal police cum villain, Fahadh Faasil! Featuring as SP Bhanwar Singh, it won’t be an overstatement to say he did a phenomenal job. The depth added to the villain’s character is stunning. The duality and strangeness of a police officer being a villain are thrilling, and Fahadh does justice to the character. 

But the sad part is that Fahadh is only introduced by the end of the film. It seems like the makers unnecessarily stretched the story to fit it in 2 parts. The potential of a great actor like Fahadh, which could have been utilized in the first half, got wasted. But anyway, seeing both our artists, Allu and Fahadh, star in the much-awaited second part of the film would be exciting. 

Konda Reddy, the smuggler, acted by Ajay Ghosh, was equally well played. His son Jolly Reddy, who becomes the biggest rival of our lead Pushpa, is played by Dhananjay, and he didn’t disappoint either.

Sunil, playing Mangalam Srinu, did his job well. Anasuya Bharadwaj’s acting, who played Dakshayani, was also appreciable. There were more actors featured in the film. And in their respective roles, they all left their marks.

The best thing about the characters in Pushpa is their unpredictability. You never know who’s a rival or who’s a friend. It demands excellent skills to add that nature of curiosity to one’s character. And we all have to agree; the whole cast played their roles amazingly well.  

Pushpa: A Complete Package!

Besides the regular action-packed segments and fighting scenes, you also get some songs, drama, dance, romance, and emotional plots to enjoy; as a true mass movie it is, it covers everything! 

At times you might feel drained by some typical cliches and melodrama this movie offers, but the overall plot keeps you moving and enthralled. The great soundtrack, lighting, and nice movie setting are worth mentioning. 

The picturesque visuals, shot in dense forests, give a rustic appearance to the film, which matches very well with the theme. Well-shot action scenes and rightly used color tone deserve some appreciation as well. Director Sukumar undoubtedly did a great job in it. 

The love story, although a little awkward in some segments, adds an emotional aspect to the film. The scene where Pushpa comes to know that Srivalli is also in love with him is touching. That love story added another depth and angle to Pushpa’s dark character.

It very well displays the empathetic side of our grave hero. Another scene where Pushpa’s father died was truly moving. The detailed insight and history of Pushpa’s past will make your heart wrench!

Some Concerns

Now besides all the great things about this movie, one can not deny that it somewhat lost its pace by the second half. The pointless attempt to stretch the film into two parts downgraded the quality. It could have been way better if the makers had introduced Fahadh after the interval and finished the story in the first part itself. 

Also, the film became a little tiring with its cliches in place. A typical awkward Tollywood-style love story involving Rashmika might make you a little uncomfortable. The ‘item songs’ featuring Samantha were totally unnecessary and made the film dull in some parts. 

The film follows the same trend of Indian cinema, where women are materialized, and the only purpose of featuring them is to add glamor to the movies. Makers should be confident and mature enough to go with the real story idea instead of seeking women to add ‘spice’ to the film. 

The editing and choreography might seem a little off track at times. The songs and dances, although relevant to mass audiences, don’t match the outlook of the film. The humor, which was intended to ease the tension in the movie, didn’t fit well and looked forced. 

It didn’t uplift the mood as it should have; instead, it broke the continuity and affected the consistency of the plot.

To sum it all up, Pushpa is a movie produced for the masses. With intense drama, power-packed action scenes, and a thrilling storyline, this movie is a whole package. If one ignores some little faults in directing and typical cliched subplots, it can be enjoyable. 

Given the amazing cast and gripping plot, the movie still remains entertaining. Not exactly a must-watch, but you won’t regret seeing Pushpa wrestle through his jungle and fight his opponents!

How Did The Movie Perform?

Pushpa, an Allu Arjun action thriller, turned out to be a blockbuster. Released on 17 December 2021, with 350+ crores of box office earnings, it finished at the number one spot beating Spiderman and Suryavanshi. It scores 7.6 on IMDB, and 89% of Google users approve of it. 

With 7 South Indian films, including Pushpa making their spot in the top 10 Box Office films of 2021, it displays the dominance and reach of South Indian Cinema today. The craze and liking for South Indian Cinema have been on a roll since the success of films like Bahubali and Vikram Vedha. 

There has been a major shift in the dynamics of the Indian Film Industry in the last few years. With South Indian Films performing better lately and Bollywood being on a downhill. 

Moving on, there is a great lesson to learn from the movie Pushpa. India is a corrupted country, and bribery is one of its chief issues. Pushpa uses a number of ways to go up to the top, and that shows how bribery plays a role in the life of people today. 

If you belong to the corporate world, you will know that there are a lot of loopholes in the journey, and officials are often looking out for easy money. Money can take you a long way and can get you things that you have only dreamt of. 

Also, if you are wondering whether the family can watch Pushpa together, let us tell you that it is a mass movie. So, you can get all your family members together and arrange for some tea and popcorn. Every individual is going to enjoy this film which makes it a brilliant hit. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Since the release of the movie, people have been asking a lot of questions about it. Let us tell you about them in this section. 

1. Will there be part 2 of Pushpa?

Well, for all those Pushpa fans out there, let us tell you that Pushpa is coming back with a second part soon. This was not initially planned, and there was not going to be part 2. However, Sukumar announced that the second part would be released in December 2022. This part will be a continuation of the previous story, and you can wait with bated breath for it. 

2. Why has the Pushpa movie gained so much popularity?

Pushpa has a very simple story, and a lot of you may be wondering what makes it so big. The performance of the main actors skyrocketed through the roof and was better than what people were expecting. Also, Hindi audiences have loved the films, and the box office has been living proof of it. 

3. Can Pushpa movies be seen by children? 

There are no nudity or sex scenes shown in the film, and children above the age of 13 can see it. However, there is a scene where the male character places his hand on the female character’s chest. Also, a few cleavage scenes are a part of the movie. And Samantha burns the floor with some sexy moves in the song. 

However, chances are your kids will see the song on TV or on Youtube because it has become a hit. Otherwise, you can watch the film with the children. 

4. How much has Pushpa made at the box office?

Pushpa has made a lot of money at the box office, and you will be surprised to know the amount. Yes, it had made a whopping 100 crores, as reported. 20 crores were spent on the distribution, which means 80 crores was the profit. Also, it has translated to a 400% return on interest which makes it a super hit movie of the year 2021.  

5. Is Pushpa inspired by a recent movie? 

Allu Arjun was recently asked on one of the celebrity gossip channels if the movie is partly based on sneaking red sandalwood. He answered by saying that there is no relevance to reality and the story is entirely fictional. Sukumar thought of the store himself and framed the incidents around the happenings in the Chittoor district.

6. Is there a reason why Pushpa walks in a certain manner? 

Sukumar had asked Pushpa to walk in such a way that people would want to imitate him. Keeping this brief in mind, the actor playing the role of Pushpa decided to walk with a sloping shoulder. This was not difficult to imitate, and people soon started enacting him. 

Now, it has become a popular step that even babies are enacting it on social media. 

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We are sure you have a fair idea of what the film has to offer today. Having said that, we believe you should go and watch the film once before making a decision. 

Enjoy, and don’t forget to order some popcorn! 

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