Step By Step Guide To Remove An Old Vanity

by Dani khan

You can make your bathroom look so attractive and functional. Either by simply DIY methods to make changes in bathrooms. Like the replacements of old vanity cabinets, countertops, sinks, faucets. Thus, you can upgrade your bathroom by replacing the old items with new ones. 

These days there is a whole wide variety of styles, designs, colors, and quality of bathroom essentials. Moreover, with the beautiful look, they are also affordable too. Like you can add up a Forevermark cabinet of fair price and quality. However, replacement of old with new bathroom vanities needs a follow of some steps. Let’s have a look at them below.

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  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Steps To Remove The Vanity
  • Places To Buy Affordable Forevermark Cabinets
  • Conclusion


  • Buckets
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Rag 
  • Screw gun
  • Utility knife
  • Flat pry bar
  • Putty knife
  • Adjustable wrench


  • Rag
  • Woodblocks

Steps To Remove The Vanity:

Shutting The Water Supply:

After removing the cabinet, always remove vanity doors from hinges. So, this will give you great access to plumbing and make the cabinet lighter weight. Turn off the water supply on both hot and cold faucet taps. You can simply do it by closing the fixture shut-off valves. Thus, they hold hot and cold supply tubes of branch line stub-out under the sink. Turn off valves clockwise to close the valves. Thus, if you can’t find a shutoff valve then check the home’s main water supply valve. If the water valve is shut down. Then open the faucet fully to release the pressure down and drain the water out.

Remove The Supply:

Disconnect the supply of water tubes among the shutoff valves and faucets. Now place a bucket at the bottom of the shutoff valve to hold water. Now close the compression nut on the supply tube with an adjustable wrench. Thus, turn the nut clockwise. And slip down the supply tube with a compression connection.

Removing The Drain:

Now place a bucket under the sink to hold any standing water in it.  Now remove the trap assembly by loosening the two outermost slip nuts. Like one on slip nuts and one on sink tailpiece. Thus, using channel-lock pliers. And turn your nuts counterclockwise to make them loose.

Moreover, slide away nuts from threaded sections. Now dump out water from the p-trap into the bucket. Lastly, stuff the rag into the open pipe which leads into the wall to seal it down. This also prevents the sewage gas from flowing into the home.

Wall Mirror Removal:

So, remove the vanity mirror on demand. This is a great method when the mirror is placed on the countertop or backsplash. Thus, it is possible to break down the mirror during cabinet removal. Let it in place if the mirror is glued to the countertop.

Chopping The Caulk Joints:

So, use a sharp knife to cut down the caulk on the countertop. And also from places where vanity meets the walls. Moreover, also clear down the edges among the countertop and kitchen cabinets. And also remove the cult from the place where the cabinet touches walls.

Removing The Vanity Top:

It’s time to remove the vanity countertops. You can simply remove the countertop with the faucet on. Make sure to remove all the clips, brackets, and holders. Unscrew all these holding items. 

Thus, lift up the countertop from the front edge. If it is hard to separate them apart. Then you can pry up the countertop. You can leave it in the same place and remove it with the cabinet as a whole. Be careful to not damage the wall surfaces.

Removing The Vanity Cabinet:

Now remove the trims where cabinets were placed. Check it from the inside of cabinets to define how it is placed with walls. Moreover, cabinets can be fastened on the floor with screws or nails by nailing blocks.

 Remove all the screws by drill or screwdriver.  Carefully pry nails from the wall with a flat pry bar. Thus, pull out the cabinet away from walls and floors. Make sure to not damage the valves while removing the cabinets.

Cleaning Up The Mess On Completion:

Now clean up all the walls by removing the leftover caulk with a putty knife or scraper. So, if the cabinet is smaller or shorter in length. Then plant to patch up and re-paint the wall or floor. Make sure to place the new vanity in a clean and clear place.

Places To Buy Affordable Forevermark Cabinets:

Once you’re done with removing the vanity cabinets. So, your next mission is to hunt down top-notch cabinets. If you’re on a move to buy highly budget-friendly, ready to assemble, and trendy design cabinets. Then you must go with buying Forevermark Cabinets from the Columbus Cabinet City store in the USA.


In conclusion, no doubt removing the cabinets is a very hectic and costly process. But you can remove the cabinets with easy DIY steps. Thus, it will save both your money and energy. Simply follow the above guide of a few easy and organized steps to carefully remove the vanity cabinets. Thus, replace it with a new one to make your bathroom more functional. 

All you need is some little tools and materials to do the procedure by easy DIY steps. Once you’re done with removing. Simply clean out the caulk left on the floor or countertop. Lastly, make sure to replace the old vanity cabinet with new affordable and trendy style cabinets. Like Forevermark cabinets which are both affordable and functional.

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