Summer Activities Kids Can Enjoy Weekly

by Dani khan

For kids, summer comes with a lot of activities and a lot of business. First of all the very first idea that comes in the minds of the kids is to enjoy the summer with vacations and different types of activities. These days technology has taken over almost all sectors and so as an education tool. Education was a sector which used to suffer a lot due to lack of technological support but these days the scenario has changed due to the introduction of online learning. School managements are also inducting new and innovative tools like LMS (learning management system) and ERP (enterprise resource planning). ERP and LMS are those tools which help the school management focus and improve their teaching and learning sectors so that students can get relief from the hectic schedule of syllabus and they can enjoy their summer time cooling off somewhere in their wonderland. It is important because summer time is not only for enjoying the summer but also kids learn a lot of cool stuff which they cannot learn in normal school days due to lack of time. We all know how students and kids enjoy the summer season but they need to make their own schedule to operate weekly. This makes the work simple for the kids. So let’s understand how kids should plan their summer activities weekly so that they can enjoy it to the maximum.

Parents should encourage their kids not to leave reading and learning completely in the summer season. Make them understand that they can spend some time with interesting books or comics after playing or running the whole day whenever they will be retiring to bed. Friendship with books proves to be beneficial throughout life so kids should never leave reading books no matter what they are doing or wherever they are, even on vacations. So, in the first week kids should join a summer reading program through which they can enhance their reading abilities as well as get knowledge of grammar along with vocabulary. Summertime is all about being dynamic for the kids. Kids can enjoy the whole day with sand, mud, a dog, a boomerang etc. but it becomes more interesting to have fun when things are planned and done like winning artless one by one. So kids also need to make a bucket list which should have incredible tasks to accomplish. This bucket list should have day trips, picnics, swimming, visiting water parks, a family vacation, camping, visiting zoo and amusement park. Now make a list of these tasks and start making plans on it otherwise these tasks will float only in wonderland. 

Schools become the greatest medium to make them happy as kids interact with each other daily and play and enjoy the whole day. But during summer vacations students don’t get many chances to meet with each other and start feeling lonely. It doesn’t matter whatever facilities they have at their home. So weekly during summer time parents should organize play dates for the kids. Due to which kids can meet each other and enjoy life to fullest. Also parents can make their kid utilize their summer time and vacations by getting enrolled in any camp they wish to, like swim camp, sports camp, arts camp, academic camp or martial arts camp. Getting enrolled in such camps kids get chances to learn something very useful along with joy and fun and it becomes more of joy when they surprisingly meet their school buddies in these camps. No student would like to even think about studying during summer camps but yes some schools give summer homework and some do not but those who give they want those homework completed when kids return from their vacation and this is right also to some extent so that within 2 months of vacations students should go far always from learning and studying so they can plan doing their summer homework also weekly.

Following all the above enumerated suggestions all the students can spend a wonderful summer time while enjoying summer activities and they can learn a lot of good stuff also while enjoying the vacations. These things not only enhance the skill set of kids during vacations but also make them efficient enough to survive the next whole year studying and learning.

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