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The Beauty of Samoa; Learn About the Beaches and Other Tourist Attractions

Samoa is one of the countries in the South Pacific Ocean. It’s made up of the western group, which is mostly made up of the beautiful Samoan Islands, which have attractive gorges and spectacular waterfalls. Other features are volcanic caves, wildlife sanctuaries, and serene lakes, among others.

The Beauty of Samoa; Learn About the Beaches and Other Tourist Attractions

When going to Samoa for your vacation, here are some of the 6 best  tourist attractions that you should explore.

  1. Apia

Although it’s the capital city, this is where up to five percent of Samoa’s population lives. This city is situated on the northern side of Upolu Island and offers numerous points of attraction. Some of the places that you should visit include the Maketi Fou, which is one of the popular food markets. While there, you can sample the scrumptious vegetables and fruits that are sold by vendors. Move around this unique market place and you will discover many places where you can shop for jewelry, enjoy Samoan music, and lovely baskets.

  1. Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve

This is located at the far end of the Apia Wharf, and you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the pure waters of Palolo. The coral reefs that border it add to the experience that you get here. The place looks spectacular and can allow you to watch many types of tropical fish. Everything here is colorful, and you will go back being a happy person.

  1. The Dwarves’ Cave

The Dwarves’ cave is perhaps the most interesting attraction that you will find on the island. It is situated not far from the Paia village. It’s a result of a volcanic eruption that took place many years ago. While here, you will see firsthand the long lava tubes that extend more than a mile in length. There is an intriguing cave which can take you hours to explore. While exploring the cave, you might be lucky enough to find the footprints of some people who are considered legends and who lived inside the cave. Read More : spirit airlines change flight

  1. Attractive beaches

Samoa is home to some of the globe’s best beaches, and among them are Lefaga beach, Tafa beach, Aganoa beach, and Manese beach. These beaches in Samoa offer the best surfing experiences and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy sunshine on crystal sand in a beautiful environment.

  1. Alofaaga Blowholes

This one is on Savaii Island in Samoa and is one of the must-see attractions for anyone who is interested in interesting stuff in Samoa. There is a blowhole, which is one of the many volcanic plugs that are available in the area that has been eroded to form a tube. As the wind pushes the water waves towards the beach, water will enter these blowholes and be forced towards the sky with immense power, speed, and roar. Sometimes, the locals throw coconuts into those blowholes and watch them blast into the air as the water hits the shoreline.

  1. Papapapaitai Falls

This is an attractive natural landscape that is made up of waterfalls that are as high as 100 meters high. At Papapapaitai-Tai Falls, you can enjoy the enchanting, and you can also enjoy swimming near the Papapapai-Tai Falls and enjoying the whole new experience that you will get there.

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