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The Benefits of Delaying Your Period

Periods can wreak havoc on many women’s time and bodies, leaving many people wondering why anyone would want to menstruate if they did not have to. This is both an understandable and complicated question, yet one that opens space to consider what options there are to delay your period and the potential benefits of doing so. 

Stopping periods is a lot less complicated than you might think. Different forms of birth control, particularly progesterone-only pills, can change the lining of your womb, making it thinner. Over time, if your progesterone levels stay constant, there is little lining left, so there is nothing to shed from your uterus, thus stopping your period. 

The Benefits of Delaying Your Period

Another way you can prevent or delay your period is by taking norethisterone, which is a period delay tablet that you take three days before your period and three times a day consistently until you want your period to start again. Pills like these work by increasing the progesterone levels in your body, therefore causing the womb’s lining to thin and not break down. Chemist Click can show you how these pills work and what their efficacy is.

Understanding how you can delay your period is one thing, but knowing the benefits will help you decide whether this might be a viable option for you. Firstly, delaying your period may help prevent the undesirable symptoms of PMS, which many women suffer from. Fatigue, low moods, nausea, mood swings, and tender breasts are some of the many common symptoms women suffer from during PMS. Therefore, using period delay tablets or other forms of birth control can help women that suffer from premenstrual syndrome and ease symptoms considerably. 

Furthermore, delaying your period can give you agency over when you have your period and can make your monthly period pain a lot more manageable. Many women suffer from excruciating periods that can be debilitating in extreme cases. The pain can be so bad that they need to take time off work or they find daily tasks completely unmanageable. Thus, taking period delay tablets enables you to fit your period around your busy lifestyle and schedule without constantly worrying about experiencing cramps at work or getting your period on holiday. 

Unfortunately, there is still a significant stigma attached to menstruation – so much so that taking time off for period pain and other PMS symptoms is very uncommon and often not accepted as a valid reason to take time off work or school. Accessing ways to delay their cycle or decrease painful symptoms is a fantastic ally to many women who suffer from bad periods and period pain. It enables them to have agency over painful periods and gives women a choice when they want to start their cycle. By doing so, women can arrange their cycles around their busy and hectic schedules, thus improving their quality of life. 

Stopping and delaying your period can also affect your body, so you must weigh up the benefits and side effects to make an informed decision. Look into your options and consider what will work best for you, and you could be well on your way to improving your lifestyle.

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