The best strategy to win in the blast game Lost in the game of Pancakes

by Craig Kieswetter

Xplosion game, as you know, is one of the most money-making casino games in Iran and Asia; This game was written by Montigo, an Iranian programmer who was able to distribute a lot of income among the users.

 بهترین استراتژی برای بردن در بازی انفجار | باخت در بازی افنجار

What to do after losing in Afnjar game?

Let’s explain the game to you with a simple example. To start the blast game, just choose the amount you want, even a small amount. “Choosing the amount depends on your risk and financial strength, as well as your gaming experience.”

 Suppose you deposit 100,000 Tomans as a start. To play in a reputable site, click on the betting site in the green bar at the bottom.

 Now you can wait for the game to start by pressing the bet button. The game begins with the growth of the graph that is for this game. Along with this chart, the number on it also increases, which is basically your coefficient and the amount of your win depends on this chart. In each hand of the game, this coefficient stands on a number.

How to play Blast

How to play your explosion should be such that you click on the withdrawal option before closing this factor. At the moment of clicking on the withdrawal option, exactly the number on the chart becomes your coefficient at that moment.

 Borrow that in this hand you have been drawn on the coefficient of 4, but then and after you click, the coefficient of the game has increased to the coefficient of 15. But your coefficient is the 4 on which the command will stand at that moment.

 Therefore, your initial money, which was 100,000 Tomans, will be evaluated with a factor of 4 and you will win 400,000 Tomans.

 It is suggested to you that if you are tempted and you play several hands in a row and your number stands on a good coefficient, after winning a considerable amount, stop playing because for a few hands, one hand with a low coefficient also happens and the graph is definitely Will decline. Therefore, if you participate and win several times, finish your game there to avoid possible losses.

The best blast game features

One of the options of the game is that you can set your coefficient to automatic withdrawal, which means that for example you take a coefficient for yourself, for example 5, and command that if the coefficient reaches 5, the stop button will be hit for you. And you will automatically withdraw this money. Note that the coefficient you choose may not reach that number and you will lose your money so do not visualize.

Any coefficient, even a small one, if you choose, the growth of the chart will definitely reach that number. No, it is not. So be aware of this as well.

 One of the advantages of auto-tuning is that if your internet connection is cut off, you have a power outage, your phone rings or shuts down, and your money is not lost, and if the chart reaches that number, you will automatically win. Budo will definitely not need your instant online presence.

Play on a reputable site ..

According to the top, it is unrealistic that the way to play this game is very simple, but this game, like other games, requires practice and experience, and you should also consider a valid and safe site for your game, which will be deposited to you if you win. . This is so important that today everyone is looking for high coefficient sites.

  Be able to follow this trend with less risk. One of the main parts of the tutorial is how to play the explosion related to the algorithm. The game algorithm is responsible for generating the coefficient for each hand of the explosion game. To play in a valid site, click on the betting site in the green bar at the bottom.

 If you have strong and hassle-free examples of this algorithm, you will remember that your game is not manipulated by profiteers and you can easily experience how to win the explosion game.

 In fact, the essence of any valid explosion game is its algorithm. This is even more important than the way you play the blast game. So before you start betting, first try to make sure the algorithm is correct.

The similarity of the explosion game with the selection of a valid site

How to play Blast is completely directly related to the choice of your site! This is involved in all of the cases we have mentioned. This time, however, we want to examine the impact of Casino Blast game training with professional users. As you know, to succeed in the game, you must use the available tricks. Well, these tricks are actually the same methods that professionals use.

 Before, you were constantly trying to figure out how to win the blast game by studying and practicing these tricks to create better conditions. Well, this method is a bit time consuming and sometimes uncertain. If you choose the right site for professional users, you can emulate their conditional explosion game.

Check online chat

In the online chat section of the game, you can also ask for the small points of these methods from their inventors. This is how the blast game works, and you can make the best result for yourself much more easily. In other words, how to win another blast game is in your hands. When you play with professionals and you can use them as a blast game guide.

 Undoubtedly, you can have much better results. So choosing a reputable and at the same time professional site that also has car users can help you a lot in training the game and gaining experience; To play on a reputable site, click on the betting site in the green bar at the bottom.

Blast game site

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