The Top Pakistani Dresses for Wedding 2022

by hr forhad

The dress you wear on your wedding day has a lot of symbolic significance in most cultures, with certain colours and styles mirroring certain values or beliefs.

Pakistani weddings are no different; the way you dress can have a lasting effect on how you and your spouse view each other, and even the success of your marriage itself!

That’s why it’s important to choose your wedding gown carefully. Here are some of the top Pakistani wedding dresses you can wear in 2022 that will ensure you have the best day of your life!


Many Pakistani wedding dresses are made of rich colours and gemstones. Pakistani fashion has a long history of utilizing bright colours and intricate designs, which is why it’s easy to find Pakistani brides in eye-catching garb.

Embellished with embroidery, trimmings, embroidery, lace, and silks (just to name a few), many Pakistani brides choose to opt for highly decorative outfits. If you want to look like a Pakistani bride on your big day, consider wearing one of these beautiful Pakistani wedding dresses that are available on Studio by TCS.


In a country like Pakistan, where summers are torrid and winters freezing, something in between is needed. During wedding season you will see Pakistani women wearing casual Pakistani wedding dresses. These outfits have short kameezes and long dupattas.

These outfits usually carry a lot of embroidery work in them as well as beads to look shiny when covered with light. The upper half is usually made from heavy material while the lower half is generally lighter.

Simple but Stunning

Simple but stunning is a great way to describe Pakistani wedding dresses. If you want to make your special day one that everyone will remember, consider getting a Pakistani wedding dress.

Not only are they beautiful and designed specifically for brides in mind, but they’re also affordable compared to other clothing options in 2021. You can find Pakistani dresses at just about any bridal shop.

If you have difficulty locating one, try shopping online instead. For shopping online for Pakistani wedding dresses, visit Studio By TCS now.

It may take some time to find exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s worth it when you finally do. After all, how many times in life do we get married? Make yours memorable with a traditional Pakistani dress.

Sheer, Lace and Designer

These are usually my go-to dresses when I want to look both feminine and beautiful. Designer sarees can be quite expensive and require special care, but they look very gorgeous in photographs and fit into most of our wedding themes.

We recommend using a special fabric conditioner on your designer saree once you buy it (they usually come with instructions on how to take care of them) so that they remain as pristine as possible for as long as possible.

Flowergirl Gowns

You may be surprised to learn that they come in a variety of colours and styles. Some common options include frilly dresses, shorter versions of bridesmaid dresses and full-length versions.

The most popular style features layers of tulle over a colourful chiffon dress. A flower girl’s dress is typically made with simple detailing, so it does not overpower your wedding ensemble or bride’s bridal gown.

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