Time and attendance systems increase employees’ productivity.

by kbing

Organizations of different businesses are looking for new ways to enhance their employee’s productivity. There are variant scales to measure employees’ efficiency and capability. This includes an increase in sales and the number of productive hours employees work. 

Employees wasting their time

It is essential to calculate and maintain a track of employees’ working hours as this affects your organization’s productivity and their way of fulfilling their jobs task. In giant organizations where there are hundreds of different teams and departments. It is pretty challenging to keep track of working hours for every employee. Calculating a regular base of attendance is becoming compulsory in such organizations. 

Every organization is filled with different types of employees. From which one of is wasting there working hours. It is widespread in many organizations. Technically speaking, it is a theft as employees are being paid for their working hours, which they waste in different activities. Using mobile phones and social media is a primary reason which makes employees distracted and less focused. It makes it harder for employees to manage and keep track. 

It is difficult for employees to cut off their absentees completely, whether for a whole day or just for some short internal. So it is ideal for keeping track of your employee’s activities and the duration they spend on variant tasks. 



Increasing employees productive time 

This software helps employees to have proper timings. Everyone knows that their timings are noted when they arrive in the office and when they leave. This allows them to be more punctual. It will eventually increase their productivity and efficiency. 

Variant types of time attendance and tracking systems:

System integrators in UAE a versatile attendance solution to a growing business. Our competent team of professionals design and install it as per your desire. Our ERP software is designed to maintain smooth and day-to-day activities. 

There are many services that we offer, including following:

  • Fingerprints scans: sensor technology that identifies the unique patterns of fingers and allows access to your computer system or any working area. 
  • Face recognition: our unique software measures and matches every unique facial element pre-installed in the database. These facial recognition devices allow to authenticate and provide access to variant workspace or devices. 
  • Biometric card devices: these devices are encrypted with your fingerprints already installed. Further, your fingerprints are encoded in an RFID system where your fingerprint is stored in a database among your card details. While entering, firstly, you need to put your finger on the sensor, and then you need to scan your card. Through this process, you will be allowed access or grant entrance to the workspace. 
  •  RFID: this device works in a small radius area. The virtual appliance that allows you to gain access to enter. All you need is a card to put on an electronic reader to identify your verification code. 
  • Hand punch system: another highly accurate system to identify employees’ hand puch. This system determines the size and shape of your hand. 
  • Keypad: Another widely used system that recognizes your fingerprints to identify your attendance. It stores all your data and comes with an LCD screen. 


You can pick any of your suitable systems depending upon your requirements, number of staff, sensitivity, and financial budget. 

Top benefits of the time attendance system we offer:

Suppose you are looking for attendance system providers, then we are here. We are one of the safest and most cost-friendly Software solution provider. Our complete solution systems and technology systems are designed and installed by our teams of professionals. 

Following are some of the essential benefits you get from attendance systems:

  • It allows you to check punctuality and keep track of employees’ logins and log out. This system gives you a complete record of half leaves, absentees, late comings, and many more. 
  • Employees are unable to waste their time while doing work. It allows organizations to pay ultimately about the working hours they serve.
  • It minimizes wastage of time and makes sure that every employee is paid according to their working hours. 
  • It reduces any errors that occur due to employee negligence and helps employees increase their efficiency. 
  • These systems help you to have quick and detailed reports on every schedule. 
  • It enhances your company’s security system and allows you to control the access of unauthorized persons. 
  • It helps human resource management have a proper attendance record and provide administration about regular employee check-in and check-out routines. 

Why choose netlogix?

Suppose you are looking for Dubai IT companies, then we are the ones you can trust. Our all systems allow you to have complete access to attendance and solutions. We are the best service providers to provide you with customization in your requirements. Our team of professionals is experts in security systems. Our complete solutions are cost-friendly and professional. 

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