Top 3 Green Screen Tips You Need to Remember

by Ester Adams

From news broadcasting to YouTube content creation, green screens are one of the most powerful and effective items people use all the time. Green screens help the content creators or filmmakers to separate the subject from the background. Once the subject has been separated from the background, they use advanced video editing software to replace the green screen with any type of image or video they want. However, the process isn’t easy. Therefore, you need to remember some tips to leverage the benefits of the green screen effectively. 

During the post-production process, video editors use Chroma key to eliminate the solid green color from the background. This step is considered composting as it can be completed while editing in layers. One of the best benefits of green screens is that you can remove the background and implement any visual factors. Here are the top 3 green screen tips you should remember. 

Focus on the Lighting 

This is one of the most important green screen tips you should know. While using a green screen, if the background of the subject lacks solid color, then the algorithm of the Chroma key software will face problems distinguishing the lighter green background from the darker ones. While lighting your green screen backgroundmake sure you place soft and even light on every corner of the green screen. This tip is extremely important to achieve the proper key. Many filmmakers and content creators neglect this step and focus only on the lighting factor of the subject. This is why they end up facing problems during the editing stage. Make sure you use proper lighting settings to expose the green screen background properly. 

Make Sure the Subject Wears Contrasting Colors

Never let the subject wear green as it will make them blend with the background. This way the Chroma key won’t recognize the difference between the backgrounds as the subject’s green clothing. Therefore, make sure your subject wears colors that are opposite of the color wheel. As per Invisionapp, color wheel is the visual representation of colors. This step is essential to avoid any potential mistakes. 

Additionally, make sure you separate the subject from the background. If you place the subject too near the green screens, it might cause shadow issues. 

However, you can purposely make your subject wear green clothes so that you can achieve a great effect. But this will require years of hard work and skills to determine the proper angle and usage of the green clothes. 

Determine the Difference between Blue Screen and Green Screen Background

If you think that green is the only color that can be edited through Chroma key software, you’re wrong. Blue screen is another most commonly used background changer as blue has lower luminosity. This is why you need to choose the blue screen background if you’re shooting something in lower lighting. However, keep in mind that there’s one disadvantage of using blue screens. The subject might contain the blue more than the green. 

The edge spilling of the blue screen backgrounds is lesser than the green screens. Due to this spill, video editors sometimes face problems distinguishing small details. 


These are the top 3 green screen tips you need to remember. Do you have any questions regarding the uses or benefits of the green screen? Comment down below. 

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