List of cheapest universities in Canada for Pakistani students

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Canada is one of the world’s most admirable countries. Make Canada your top priority if you apply for a student visa in Canadian universities. Many incentives relating to your studies, such as scholarships, will be available to you in this country. Canada Prime Immigration can assist you in obtaining Student Visa. 

Why should you consider immigrating to Canada?

It is one of the most well-known countries, and Canada has a stellar reputation. It is a country with a higher proportion of immigrants than any other. Every year, 250,000 immigrants arrive in Canada, with 100,000 students.

Here are some of the reasons you want to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan. First, Canada’s economy is critical because it attracts more immigrants each year than other countries such as Japan and Italy. Immigrants benefit from this country’s prosperity and strength. It is for this reason that they have chosen this country.

This country allows everyone to live in freedom, so it attracts many visitors. However, the inhabitants of this country never disrespect anyone’s culture and offer newcomers an excellent standard of living.

You are aware that people desire a high degree of education, and the school system in this country is excellent. Studying in Canada is reasonable, and scholarships are available to students. Choose a Canadian country if you want to apply for a Student Visa from Pakistan. You will receive numerous benefits associated with your education, such as scholarships, and you may even be able to use for part-time employment to help cover your expenditures.

Cheapest universities in Canada

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western University
  • University of Calgary
  • Dalhousie University
  • Top universities in Canada:
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Ottawa

Scholarships for Studying in Canada are available through a variety of sources

study in Canada

study in Canada

For the Ontario trillium scholarship for the PhD program, you will be required to submit an English proficiency letter. Donald. To be eligible for a wehrung scholarship, students must have a high-grade point average in their studies.

Furthermore, the scholarship program in Toronto is for students, and if you want to apply, you should not have any gaps in your studies. York University also offers student scholarships, which you can use after the start of the fall term.

How to apply in Canada for a student visa?

If you wish to apply for a student visa in Canada, you have two options:

  • On the web
  • On paper

You must submit your application and all supporting documentation online if you apply online. However, if you want to use it on paper, you must go to a visa programme company. Canada Prime Immigration is a well-known immigration company that assists many people in obtaining visas. You can get a Student Visa for Canada by following these steps:

First, your application is submitted, and then the rest of the procedure begins. After that, you must pass a medical examination. Then you must provide biometric information in your application, such as photographs, fingerprints, and so on. Following that, you must produce certificates such as no criminal record, necessary for security reasons. Finally, you must give several pieces of evidence, such as proof that you will depart the country when your visa expires.

Second, you must participate in mandatory interviews connected to your immigration program. The duration of your student visa is equal to the length of your course plus three months. During your degree program, you must renew your passport every year. However, if you wish to stay in Canada after finishing your degree, you must apply for a different immigration scheme.

Which visa agency is the finest to go with?

Canada Prime Immigration is one of the most excellent visa companies globally, assisting many people in obtaining visas to Canada from Pakistan. This company’s employees will thoroughly guide you, and they will supply minimal information regarding your Student Visa program for Canada because they are so cooperative or sound.

They professionally interact with clients and respond to all of their visa-related questions. Tell clients which city and office would be best for them based on their needs. They always make their customers happy by correctly instructing them. As a consultant, Fahad Khan provides the most outstanding results. He always communicates with others and deals with them in the most professional manner possible.


In short, it is your best option if you wish to apply for a Student Visa in Canada. Canada offers a variety of services, including financial assistance. If you want to apply to another country, consider moving to Canada. The most excellent immigration market is Canada Prime Immigration, which strives to make your dreams come true. With the support of CPI consultancy, you can apply for Visa to the University of your choice.

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