What are Some Engaging Virtual Christmas Party ideas?

by Saanvi Patel

We are soon to enter Christmas month. People have already started feeling festive and are learning more about unique ways and ideas to make their virtual Christmas celebration unique and remarkable.

What are Virtual Christmas Parties?

They are defined as online celebrations that happen over the Internet or a high-grade virtual event platform. Planners choose this platform with the aim to host customized and immersive virtual events that people will relish in the years to come. Today, with the availability of multiple online platforms, it has become easier to choose your venue partner. But again do not hurry, understand the event goals and choose a platform that can gracefully embrace your needs in order to plan and execute your events uniquely.

If you are looking to host a successful virtual Christmas party, then let us walk you through some most engaging Xmas party ideas;

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Have you heard about a show and tell virtual Christmas party game? Yes, you read it right, an activity that calls for everyone’s equal involvement. Attendees need to form small groups or can play individually. According to this game, the host will say the name of an object, which may be too common or a little typical. The audience will have to then hunt or explore their homes for the particular object. There can be 7-8 rounds to make the virtual celebration more interesting. A virtual show and tell game can include objects, like;

  • A pair of glittering heels
  • A recent trip’s group picture
  • A winter coat
  • Christmas lights

Virtual Secret Santa

Wanting to recreate the experiences of a physical Christmas party? You can surely not miss out on including a secret Santa. Event planners can make the most of this opportunity to stand out in their virtual Christmas event. They can randomly appoint names of individuals and ensure that all the attendees receive a surprise gift at their party.

Christmas Costume Dress-up

Keeping a theme based on Christmas, holiday party, or new year is an excellent means to create hype among the potential attendees. This way, even with virtual celebrations, participants will have an enthusiasm to put on their best costume that would suit the occasion. To ensure maximum event attendance, they can keep exciting bonus gifts or rewards for the best-dressed attendee.

Send Surprise Gifts or Swag Bags

One of the best ways to make your potential attendees feel special and remind them about the event is to send customized swag bags. It can be a great way of sending invites to your audience. You can consider including a special invitation note, event-related present, or goodie bags that can convince more people to take part in your virtual celebration.

Virtual Trivia

Online quiz games or trivia is an ideal way to boost attendee engagement.

People do not miss the chance to shine out in front of a huge crowd or grab exciting gifts. You can divide the attendees into small groups or create breakout sessions. To begin with this virtual trivia, you can have a professional emcee on board. He would conduct 4-5 rounds, groups that answer most of the time win this game!

Trivia questions of Christmas parties can be;

  1. Where was Jesus Christ born?
  2. Which country began the tradition of keeping a Christmas tree?
  3. What is the name of the best-selling Christmas song?

Virtual Icebreaker Activities

The events that had been happening online until now have been virtual meetings, conferences, summits, expos, trade shows, fairs, etc. It did not allow attendees to have some casual chats or unleash their stresses and enjoy the occasion. But through virtual icebreaker sessions, you can have seamless 2-way communications. You can add live chat, audio & video tools to make way for more meaningful interactions. These icebreaker sessions can be more about the attendee’s life and opinions. For example;

  1. You can ask participants that how will this year’s Christmas celebrations be different for them
  2. Will they contribute towards lighting or making someone else’s festival brighter too?

Create a Christmas Playlist

Have you ever been to any Christmas parties that do not have Xmas songs or carols? No right? Then, you should try not to miss it for your virtual parties too. With the use of high-quality audio tools, you can have everyone tuning to the same carol or Christmas song at a time.

Virtual Charity Events

It is such an exotic feeling of making someone else’s festival special and unique too. You can personally consider donating your old clothes, accessories, or footwear to the needy to bring smiles to their faces. Besides this, you can leverage a fundraiser event to let everyone contribute their bit towards a social cause.

Christmas Tree Decoration

We know that having a Christmas tree is a must for people celebrating Christmas. So, you include this in your event where attendees will have a fixed span to decorate their Christmas tree. They can use lights, bells, ribbons, and more to make their Christmas tree the most likable one. To add more fun, organizers can consider announcing the prizes that the top three winners will get.

Never Have I Ever

A super thrilling activity that is sure to turn everyone’s event experience into a remarkable memory. This activity requires attendees to grab their favorite mocktail and sip it when they save “never have I ever”… followed by a phrase they have actually done. It can be for example;

  1. Been to a bank
  2. Crashed to a wedding
  3. Fought in public
  4. Missed an exam
  5. Lied to my parents

Virtual Gala Night

Gala nights refer to an immersive event environment where people enjoy and get soaked at the moment. Creating a customized venue with stunning designs or Christmas-themed background can just wow the participants. With these extravagant festive feels, you can also host a virtual R&R show to reward your deserving employees with a notable prize. This prize is a token of appreciation for the hard work they have been doing for some time.

Virtual Townhall Meeting

We know that no one would prefer to be formal during virtual parties or celebrations. But, hosting an online town hall on an ideal virtual meeting platform can help you discuss the company’s growth, learn about the department’s insights, and celebrate the wins. It is one of the excellent ideas to add more value to your virtual office parties or team celebrations.

Hope these engaging ideas will help you plan and execute successful virtual Christmas events.

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