What Features of Virtual Shows Should You Prefer in 2022?

by kbing

It is essential to mold as per the time as technology changes daily. You can find various new discoveries and the latest implementations in technology daily. Changes and editing are necessary in order to make the technology better. Moreover, due to COVID 19, all the physical events started to be organized online.

In 2022, you can choose some different and unique features in your virtual show to make it more engaging and interactive. All you need is to look for and pick the best virtual event platform in order to get the most delinquent and most advanced elements & tools for your event. Moreover, you will require the latest knowledge of trending features that can be helpful to attract more people in the various industries.

Hence, here is a complete list of various advanced and beneficial features that you must consider for your virtual show in order to achieve 100% success.

9 Must-Have Features of Virtual Shows in 2022!

So, the complete list of features that you must include in your virtual show this 2022 are as follows:


  1. Personalized Tools

Having a customization option is one of the best features of virtual shows. It gives organizers the freedom to design, color, designs, add icons, music, functionalities, tabs, touchpoints, etc., as per their choice. Moreover, picking the right virtual event platform will be a great need in 2022 to create an event with appropriate requirements.


  1. Networking Tools

It is important to create connections with the audience and give them the opportunity to connect with other attendees. Networking adds an in-person experience to the event. Here are some of the best features of virtual shows that can be helpful for networking.

  • Networking Table: This feature provides the chance to connect one-on-one or in a group via text chat, audio, or video calls.


  • AI Matching Tool: Some virtual event platforms integrate an AI matchmaking tool. It helps the attendees to find other users with the same interest as you and connect with them.


  • B2B Meeting Scheduler: You can connect with other exhibitors and sponsors during the event. Also, you can schedule a meeting as per your requirement.


  • Business Card Exchange: Attendees can simply request the business card from other users and can share their own as well.


  1. Interactive Tools

You can add on some tools to increase the communication in the event, just like a physical event. Moreover, you must provide interaction opportunities to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and every other participant. Here are some of the features of virtual shows that you can consider adding to your event for better interaction.


  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • External Integration [Whatsapp, Zoom, BlueJeans, etc.]
  • LIVE Chat
  • Audio & Video Calls


  1. Immersive Attendee Experience

The ambiance of your virtual event matters the same as in an offline one. You can customize the transform your event experience as per your interest with the right virtual event platform. Moreover, you can start with adding animated lights and soothing melodies to the lobby and illustrating gifs and images on the dynamic banners of your event. Hence, offer a seamless virtual event experience to your guests, like:


  • Clap, hoot, like, heart & more fun engagement emojis
  • Customized AR/VR games
  • Leaderboard contest
  • Session or person popularity score


  1. Live Broadcasting & Recording

Whether you want to live stream or play a pre-recorded session in your event, it entirely depends on you. Moreover, both live streaming and pre-recorded sessions have their benefits.

Live streaming can give a more in-person experience with interactive sessions. You can engage your audience, asking questions, taking polls, playing games, etc. On the other hand, pre-recorded sessions can give you freedom of retakes, flexibility for recording, and add a wow factor to your video. Hence, in 2022, it is essential that you pick a virtual event platform that offers you both features.


  1. Feedback & Growth

In 2022, it is important to take feedback from the event attendees and use them to grow your business. You can mark the reviews shared by the users & implement them in your next virtual event better. Sending survey forms via email is one of the best features of virtual shows that you can get with the top virtual event platform.


  1. Customer Support

Indeed, you can get a strong technical infrastructure. But with technologies, it is essential to prepare for glitches and errors. That’s why choosing the best virtual event platform that can provide you with excellent customer care support is one of the must-have features of virtual shows in 2022. Having instant customer care and technical support can be helpful to make an incredible virtual event even if anything goes wrong during the event.


  1. Data Security

Safety and security are the first aspects for the organizers in their virtual conferences, virtual meetings, trade shows, virtual town hall, AGM, and other launches. That’s why it is crucial to seek a virtual event platform that can provide you with a 100% secure network and safety for all the content. You can share all the documents, ppts, content, and other information with complete security, as you can get complete control of the access. Moreover, you can even grant or deny access to some sessions of your events as per your requirements.



  1. Event Analytics

In 2022, data analytics will be one of the vital features of virtual shows. You can get a brief footprint representing the user activities in the event by reaching the top virtual event platform. Moreover, you can know the sessions & booths where users spent maximum and minimum time during the event. Therefore, you can get complete detail from the time the user registered to the event’s end. This information will be helpful for your next, as well in order to change or remove the least engaging booths & sessions with some other entertaining resources.

So, these are the various must-have features of virtual shows for 2022 that every organizer should consider before conducting another event. You can create great engagement, interaction, and revenue by keeping these pointers in your mind for your next virtual event.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to conduct a successful virtual event in 2022!

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