What features should you look for in a tablet to use Cricut Design Space? 

by Matt21

Cricut Design Space is a software solution that allows your device (tablet/laptop/mobile) to connect to Cricut Explore, Maker, or Joy. Besides, it is limited to connectivity and allows you to choose designs, fonts, or download them. 

 It is a program that allows you to browse predefined projects and design your projects on your laptop, computer, phone, or tablet. By default, it comes with around 75,000 images, 00 fonts, and over 800 preset projects for you to choose from and unleash your creativity. 

Features should you look for in a tablet to use Cricut Design Space:

 There are many things that buyers should consider before buying a Best Tablet for Cricut Design Space. Of course, what you buy is completely up to you, but you should always buy devices based on your needs and not because they are popular with other users. Here are the features you should consider before buying a tablet for Cricut Design Space. 

Display/ Screen : you must review all colors and select the correct color(s) for your project, and this cannot be done if the screen is not clear. There are many options available in the market, but screens like AMOLED and Retina screens dominate the field in terms of quality and reputation. Besides dynamism, brightness is also important. 

Processor: A powerful processor is one of the most important factors to look for in a tablet. This will ensure that multitasking and heavy usage are not an issue. 

Operating system: Which operating system you choose for your Cricut tablet is also largely a matter of personal preference, whether it’s macOS or Windows. There are good tablets that use either of these operating systems. However, you should probably choose the one you know best to avoid getting into a steep learning curve. 

Battery: A good battery should be a priority when choosing a tablet. A larger battery means you can use your tablet for hours without needing to recharge your device frequently. 

 Storage: To store all your data, you need enough space, so make sure to consider different storage options before setting up your device. 


 The line between a tablet and a laptop has been blurred for a while, especially when you consider all the tablets that can be combined with a keyboard and mouse. A simple tablet that meets the system requirements might be perfect for your Cricut use, but if you need it to do more, including common office tasks, there’s plenty to do. Many good options. 

 How to make creation easier with the Cricut machine? 

Cricut machines such as Cricut Explore (Air, Air 2, One), Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, Cricut Mini, Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression 2, Cricut Imagine, etc. allows you to cut a variety of materials with precision and speed through thin paper, fabric, wood panels or thick leather. You can crop, highlight, write, and add massive decorative effects to your designs. It helps you nurture a larger version of your creativity. 

Why should I use a tablet for Cricut Design Space?

The tablet is more affordable and offers a more intuitive way to connect with your apps. The extra functionality of the touchscreen is a bonus and makes things even more convenient. Can 

 Does Cricut Design Space run on multiple devices?

Cricut Design Space is a cloud-based program that updates your work on any device you use. So you can start designing on your computer and finish it on your tablet without any problems. 

 Do you need a stylus for Cricut Design Space software? 

 You don’t necessarily need a stylus, but you should use it when using the Cricut design software. Having a stylus will give you more freedom to unleash your creativity. 

 What apps work best with Cricut Design Space? 

 The following apps work best with Cricut: 

  •  Pinterest 
  •  Watermark Application 
  •  Camscanner 
  •  Monogram it! 
  •  Zip Any font 
  •  Troygram Image Converter


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