What is an Arc Length and how to find it.

by kbing

The distance between two points of the arc of a circle is known as arc length. Finding the length of an irregular arc segment is known as rectification of the curve. The small part or surface of the circle is known as an arc
Types of arc :

  • Minor arc: As the name represents, its length is minor as per another arc i.e. any arc whose length is less than 180 degrees is known as a minor arc.
  • Major arc: Next we came to major arc as the name represents it is the largest arc among all i.e. the arc which is greater than 180 degrees is known as major arc.
  • Semicircle: The last one is semicircle as the name indicates, the arc should make a semicircle i.e. an arc that is greater than 180 degrees is known as a semicircle.


How to Find the Length of an Arc

  • First, we have to divide the chord length by doubling the ratio.
  • Then find the inverse sign of the radians
  • Then double the result of the inverse sign by the central angle in radians
  • Then multiply the central angle in radians with radius, then we’ll get the arc length.

With the help of these steps, I hope you’ll get how to calculate the arc length
Arc length = 2 π r (θ/360°)
r = radius
Π = 3.14
Θ = the angle of the arc ( which is at the center of the circle)

And 360 is the complete angle of the arc.


Example: In a circle, there is an arc of 30 degrees of the center of the circle whose radius is 6 cm. Calculate the length of the arc.

To find the radius we will use the formula arc length =  2 π r (θ/360°) so now let’s put the given value in formula 2 * 3.14 * 6 * 30/360 so after calculating the answer will be 3.14. This is how we find the length.


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