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What is CSAT In UPSC Exams?

In 2011 Civil Service Aptitude Test was introduced in UPSC Prelims exams. The addition of CSAT to the UPSC exam aims to assess candidates’ analytical ability, interpersonal skills, ability to think critically, general intelligence, aptitude, and reasoning skills. 

What Is the Civil Service Aptitude Test?

The candidates must pass the CSAT Exam in order to go to the Preliminary Round of the UPSC Examination. Candidates must review the CSAT exam syllabus and pattern in order to develop a successful plan for scoring well on this test. You must keep in mind that passing this paper shouldn’t be your only goal, you should aim for high marks to be on the safe side. The minimum passing score for the CSAT is 66 out of 200. Additionally, you will get information on how to become an IAS officer later on this topic.

Candidates won’t be able to develop a successful preparation plan without being aware of the CSAT exam pattern. This article will go into great detail on the CSAT paper format. 

The CSAT exam will consist of 80 questions in total, and there will be 2 hours given for the paper. 

Every question is worth 2.5 points, for a total of 200 points. 

General Studies 2 the purpose of the syllabus is to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude, analytical, and decision-making skills. Basic numeracy, understanding, interpersonal skills, general mental aptitude, problem-solving techniques, and others are all covered in the CSAT subject.

How To Become an IAS Officer?

One of the first thoughts that cross an aspirant’s consciousness when they choose to take the UPSC Exam is “IAS Officer.” The UPSC consists of three important rounds which are the Prelims, Mains, and the Personality Test. The very first step toward your dream job is to qualify for the UPSC examination. Despite being quite similar in pattern, the UPSC Preliminary Syllabus and UPSC Mains Syllabus demand a different preparation strategy. The process of preparing to become an IAS Officer is aided by a strong UPSC preparation strategy.

The fundamental study of the NCERT Solutions for UPSC serves as the first step in preparing to become an IAS officer while completing grade twelve. Most of the subject preparation in the UPSC study strategy is based on the NCERT books. Always read from class level six to level twelve when reading the NCERTs for the UPSC. While not covering the whole civil service syllabus, the NCERT Books do cover most of the essentials. 

Choose your subject of concern in terms of extra subjects when you complete the intermediate stage or class twelve. Choose your graduation degree based on the list of optional subjects offered by the UPSC.

Even if you decide not to take a degree in the arts after graduating, you can still make it a habit to study books about optional subjects and the UPSC during your graduation years. It is crucial to understand the fundamentals and the syllabus if one wants to become an IAS officer. 

An ambitious UPSC candidate must read the NCERT Books and thoroughly review them at least three to four times prior to the UPSC Exam. The fact that current affairs are an essential component of preparation and that, in order to do well, one must have a fundamental comprehension and deeper understanding of current events both locally and internationally speaks to the significance of current affairs to the UPSC Exam.

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