What is Customer Onboarding – Importance & Benefits

by hr forhad

Customers want to know everything there is to know about the product they just bought and how to get the most out of it. You must justify your customers’ purchase if you want them to believe your product is the solution to their problem.

This article provides some tips and suggestions on successful customer onboarding services.

What Is the Importance of Customer Onboarding?

The most important thing for any company is to persuade new customers that their service or product is a worthwhile addition to their lives. It decides whether a product succeeds or fails.

When your customers recognize this, the chances of them becoming lifelong customers’ skyrocket. The ‘Aha!’ moment occurs!

Your customer onboarding services experience directly influences your retention rate. If done correctly, it improves your client retention rate as well as the overall lifetime value of your customers.

Most businesses lose up to 75% of their new users within the first week, and 60% of free trial participants never complete a purchase.

Customers will engage more deeply with your product if you use an action-oriented process.

So, what exactly do we mean by Customer Onboarding – Read on!

Customer Onboarding Services is a process of acquainting a customer with your brand and forming a possible client relationship. It helps develop an action-oriented and customer-centric user and helps customers get past the initial unpleasantness of trying out a new product or service. Real-time address verification is vital to safely validate your ‘genuine’ customers’ identity while combating fraudsters.

The process diligently helps new customers adapt to your product and keeps them engaged. Here are a few benefits to having well-designed customer onboarding services.

It increases your profits 

Getting a new client can cost five times as much as keeping an existing one. Furthermore, attracting a new user necessitates twice the effort of sustaining an existing one.

Customers who are successfully onboarded are more likely to stay and do business with you, increasing your revenue.

It reduces your customer service cost

Customer onboarding isn’t just about customer delight. If the process is successful, your customers easily learn how to use your product and are less likely to run into problems.

As a result, fewer unhappy customer service calls benefit both customers and customer service employees while also lowering the customer service department’s overhead costs.

It improves the attrition rate.

Gartner Group states that 20% of your existing clients account for 80 % of potential earnings. Disappointing as it may seem, B2B businesses devote only 20% of their marketing efforts to customer retention.

Customers with a pleasant onboarding experience are more likely to stay with your company and become valuable assets.

Enjoy Free Word-of-Mouth Branding 

It’s often said ‘Word-of-Mouth’ branding can make or break a business – and it’s true. Satisfied customers are more inclined to spread the word about your business.

A positive onboarding process can achieve this, which raises the likelihood of consumers becoming brand ambassadors.


More and more customers are opting for digital onboarding nowadays. You want the process to go as smoothly as possible. Therefore, the tech team’s support is crucial.

The journey, though, does not cease there.

The benchmarks for customer onboarding services are changing continuously and need to be tweaked and improved on a routine basis. Invest in a robust tool with complex algorithms that allow you to perform smart and automatic real-time address verification.

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