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What is the Benefit of Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb Plus has established itself as the premier booking platform for customers seeking high-quality and comfortable Airbnb holiday properties. Not only does it provide a superior guest experience, but it also enables hosts to promote their rentals to certain sorts of visitors.

While membership in the Airbnb Plus program is not required to be an exceptional host, it does provide certain premium perks for both visitors and hosts and their companies.

What does Airbnb Plus entail?

Airbnb Plus was established in 2018 as part of the company’s effort to provide a more personalized rental experience for visitors wanting the highest level of hospitality. According to Airbnb, the Plus experience is designed to provide visitors with all the conveniences of home while traveling.

The program’s rentals and rooms vary from standard Airbnb listings. They are intended to provide hotel-level facilities and services, whether plush bedding, a lavish bathroom, or excellent host communication. It works in several locations across six continents, including London, Melbourne, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

What Is the Cost of Airbnb Plus?

Airbnb charges a non-refundable application fee of $149 for hosts interested in applying for the program (please note that this cost supports the evaluation process but does not guarantee acceptance). “When guests stay in an Airbnb Plus house or apartment, they pay an average nightly price of $250”, explained industry experts, Lodgable.

Why Was Airbnb’s Plus Program Created?

As Airbnb’s popularity has grown in recent years, the site has seen an enormous flood of new hosts registering their properties. This has made it more challenging for visitors to wade through an infinite number of possibilities searching for their perfect accommodation. Additionally, many of these rentals exhibit an alarming lack of quality control.

When guests reserve these rentals based on the offered listing, they often have an unpleasant surprise upon arrival when they realize the rental is significantly different from the listed description!

The Plus program addresses this issue by providing a selection of approved residences that have undergone a quality control inspection and providing a consistent level of services and facilities.

Its launch facilitated visitors’ search for residences that meet their tastes.

Guests can relax knowing that these accommodations have been vetted by Airbnb and will live up to their expectations.

Simultaneously, presenters now can advertise directly to the viewers they want.

Additionally, Plus provides additional customer assistance for both hosts and visitors.

Airbnb Plus Host Requirements

Airbnb conducts a thorough evaluation and selection process for potential hosts and their homes before admitting them to the program to guarantee consistent quality and excellence.

Your home must first be situated in a member city to be eligible for Airbnb Plus.

Hosts may apply to have their homes included in the Plus portfolio or be invited directly by Airbnb. Before being eligible to apply, hosts must satisfy particular prerequisites. Airbnb asks hosts to adhere to the following minimal requirements:

  • Highly rated—To be considered for the program, an Airbnb host’s ratings must average 4.8 or above.
  • Reliable—Over a year, the host must have accepted 95 percent of booking requests that come into their property.
  • Consistent—The host must show that they have not had any cancellations in the preceding year (except in extenuating circumstances).

Apart from host status, Airbnb evaluates all prospective homes under stringent quality and design criteria. Your property will be inspected on-site by specialists to determine its eligibility if your application is approved. Each Airbnb Plus property is either a complete home, an apartment, or a private room with a private bathroom. To get Plus verified, your property must meet the following criteria:

Considerately designed—All homes must undergo inspections by certified decorators and photographers who will evaluate the beauty and style of the property. Qualifying houses should have a consistent sense of design throughout and include décor that enhances the overall appearance and feel.

Completely equipped—Rentals must be fully trained and provide various facilities comparable to those found in a private residence. This includes the following:

  • A kitchen fully furnished with cooking and eating supplies.
  • A bathroom that is equipped with towels and amenities
  • A television equipped with streaming or cable capabilities
  • Additional gadgets, such as a hairdryer, an iron, and a safe deposit box

Properly maintained—Properties must be kept pristine from the outside to the inside. They should be neat, clutter-free, and cleaned regularly. The kitchen and bathroom faucets should have high water pressure. All facilities and appliances must function properly.

What Is the Distinction Between Airbnb Plus and Superhost Status?

While Airbnb hosts desire the Airbnb Plus program and Superhost designation, they are not synonymous.

To become a Superhost, you must possess the following:

  • A rating of 4.8 or higher for the host
  • At least ten trips or three bookings totaling at least 100 nights
  • A 90% response rate to inquiries
  • A cancellation rate of less than 1% (only one cancellation for every one hundred bookings).

The Superhost designation is given to hosts who excel in communication and service to their guests. In contrast, the Plus title is given to hosts who possess excellent hospitality skills and an exceptional and well-maintained rental property.

Many Superhosts progress to become Airbnb Plus hosts, and you will be expected to communicate at the Superhost level to give an exceptional guest experience.

How Do I Become an Airbnb Plus Verified User?

If you want to be considered eligible for Airbnb Plus, you must work consistently to satisfy all of the host standards for Plus verification. This may take some time, as you will need to establish a track record of steady reservations, no cancellations, and an excellent guest rating. Additionally, you will be required to furnish and decorate your house by the Plus laws’ quality criteria.

Airbnb does not share the criteria upon which it bases its house inspections. This may leave hosts perplexed as to where to begin, but working from the principles outlined above can assist you in developing your perfect rental. Consider hiring an interior designer to assist you in developing color and style themes for your rental, and attempt to include some of your flair for added credit.

If you prefer bright colors, consider including a statement item in each area, such as a couch or lampshade.

If you like a more subdued appearance, use a sleek minimalist décor motif.

Home inspectors are often on the lookout for homes with a distinct and distinctive design, as well as a dash of personal flair. Because each property is carefully evaluated for inclusion in the program, the ultimate decision on whether or not to include a property rests with Airbnb’s employees. Bear in mind that you should endeavor to establish your unique style for your rental; avoid copying the design of other plus houses.


As said before, Airbnb Plus is a fantastic addition to the Airbnb platform that will only improve the user experience.

Guests can expect assured outstanding service, while hosts may use their Plus designation to stay ahead of the competition and increase reservations. Consider utilizing vacation rental software,

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