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What Kind of Living Space Best Suits Your Personality?

Going home to an apartment or house that suits you perfectly can be a great way to feed your soul. You will sleep better, relax more fully, and even digest your meals better in a home that suits your personality type.

It’s also critical that your home is easy for you to maintain to your level of comfort. Whether you’re a total clean freak or just need to do the basics to keep going, moving into the right-sized house is critical.

Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

What Kind of Living Space Best Suits Your Personality?

If you’re an extrovert, a couple of roommates could be a wonderful way to stay socially charged up. For those who are introverts, a studio in Folksong Apartments could be a much better choice. While extroverts are left lonely and tired by living on their own, introverts can find too much company to be exhausting.

This isn’t to say that both introverts and extroverts can’t make group or solo living work. For example, an extrovert may love having privacy in a studio or a one bedroom and then move to shared common areas, such as the pool area or the gym, for some serious socialization. An introvert with roommates may need to set up their bedroom as a space where they can sleep, relax, work or even dine on occasion.

Do You Rely on Intuition or Prefer to Think About It?

First impressions have a huge impact on those who rely on intuition. These folks will do better viewing only staged homes. Walking into a spot that feels hollow and empty will likely not work for a home shopper who prefers to rely on intuition. Viewing a home that is dirty or in need of paint may also not be comfortable for someone who relies heavily on intuition.

For those who love to DIY, a home that needs work can be the most exciting option. These homes might be a little scary from the road; for example, they may need a good lawn mowing, exterior paint, or a good cleaning. If you’re not especially skilled in DIY, you may want to start with a home that requires some interior demolition and then pay someone to do the reconstruction. Demo is a great way to learn to handle tools until you can learn to do your own reconstruction.

Are You a Thinker or a Feeler?

Thinkers need a home that provides them easy access to all of their belongings and easily keeps the place tidy. A feeler may be more focused on

  • colors, such as wall paint and flooring
  • natural light
  • movement of fresh air through the space

Many feelers find great joy in living in a home with windows on all four sides. If you love fresh air and can’t find a home that suits you in existing home inventory, it may be time to consider a tiny home. If you don’t want to live in a tiny home community, it could be time to be looking for a small piece of land.

Do You Judge (Quick Decision) or Perceive (Slower Reaction)?

If you are a neatnik, the idea of having a roommate may make you uncomfortable. You may also struggle to get excited about living in a studio; you may have too many possessions to comfortably settle and store everything in a smaller space. To get the best space and live comfortably with your possessions, a one or two-bedroom may be exactly what you need to suit your space needs.

For those who work from home, a two-bedroom apartment for a single person can be quite ideal. Not only does this give you a sleeping spot that is separate from your living area, but it gives you an office that you can close up and ignore when you’re not working. For those who are prone to over-working, that door can be the difference between having a life with a job in part or having a work life and trying to fit real life around it.

Every person is different. Some folks need a home to store their gear while they work or spend time in the great outdoors. Some folks need the room to entertain, while others prefer a space where they can work easily. Consider your personality as you seek out a new home to get the best fit.

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