What to Do if The Wireless Thermostat is Not Connecting to The Boiler?

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Many modern boilers are now controlled by a wireless smart thermostat, a separate ‘box’ that communicates with the boiler through radiofrequency. The thermostat is used to manage the heating, and hot water temperature sets the temperature, and schedules the heating to turn on at certain times.

Many of us would want to turn on the heating after the summer, and this is generally when we experience a few plumbing troubles after it is turned off for a long period of time. Well, that is why it is suggested to follow certain plumbing tips during the summer.

My Boiler Isn’t Responding to Its Thermostat; why?

When you can’t regulate your boiler from the thermostat, it’s usually because one of the two components isn’t functioning. To figure out what’s wrong and how to repair it, you’ll need to figure out which one has issues. To begin, you should address some of the fundamentals that might be causing your heating issues.

Check to see whether your boiler is turned on

While this may seem to be a ludicrous and patronizing proposal, you’d be shocked how often consumers pay a hefty call-out charge for an expert to visit their house merely to inform them that their boiler had been switched off the whole time. Check to see that your boiler is switched on both at the appliance and the mains.

It’s still worth checking since power outages might cause your boiler to turn off and not turn back on, or you could discover that another family member has been tampering with the controls.

Your Thermostat’s Batteries Should Be Replaced

If you have a wireless smart thermostat, you’ll need to change the batteries now and again, just like any other battery-operated equipment. Usually, a message on the digital screen or a flashing light somewhere on the gadget will inform you that the batteries need to be changed up to a month before they run out.

When the low batteries expire, you’ll notice a black screen, and the thermostat will cease operating, which means your heating system will shut down since no temperature commands are being delivered to your boiler.

Your Thermostat Should Be Relocated

To function appropriately, thermostats and boilers must be able to interact with one another. Temperature readings may be incorrect if your thermostat is near the boiler, another heat source, or a poorly insulated portion of the house that does not reflect the temperature of the rest of the house. As a result, your heating may turn on when you don’t need it or not come on when you do.

If this is the case, your thermostat may need to be relocated to acquire more precise readings. If your thermostat is wireless, this should be a quick and painless process. However, if your thermostat is wired in, you may need to hire an electrician to move it. Again, you can contact experts from Tado; they will help you with all possible solutions. 

Check to see whether you’ve entered the instructions correctly

A thermostat gives you complete control over your heating; yet, how can you expect your heating system to know what to do if you don’t know how to use it properly?

Make sure you’ve programmed your thermostat correctly and that the temperature is set over the threshold for the heating to turn on, since if the temperature is set too low, the heating may not turn on. Most manufacturers offer instruction booklets or manuals available online if you are unclear how to operate your thermostat correctly.

Boiler Not Working

If you’ve gone over the fundamentals and your boiler and thermostat are still not communicating, your boiler may not be operating correctly. This might be because of a variety of factors. In this handy guide, we’ve listed some of the most frequent boiler issues and how to remedy them.

If your boiler is more than fifteen years old, it is likely to be on its final legs and unable to react to your thermostat. Unfortunately, this means your existing boiler will most likely need to be replaced.

Fortunately, you can replace your old boiler with a new one that is substantially more energy-efficient and may save you up to £380 per year on energy costs, making it an extremely beneficial investment. Furthermore, unlike ancient boilers, most modern boilers are compatible with smart thermostats.


If you’ve tried everything else and are still having issues, it’s time to contact an expert who can identify the problem. Of course, the issue could not be with the thermostat at all, but none of the above will hurt you, and it’s worth a go before you make the purchase.

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