What to expect in Sony PlayStation 4 before buying?

by seo bhartirohila

Imagine a gaming console with very realistic graphics and proper use. Imagine a gaming console that connects you to the Internet and lets you play in a virtual community with multiple people from around the world. Then, imagine a gaming console that frees you from wires and cables, giving you the best gaming experience ever, and a gaming console you will never find in any other gaming console.

Sony is known for developing the most advanced gaming consoles available. During its time, the PlayStation was the most advanced and most popular gaming console globally. This paved the way for Sony to develop the PlayStation 2 and, like its predecessor; The PlayStation 2 is also the most advanced gaming console for sale on the market in its time and fans are speculating when did the ps4 come out?

Currently, due to the continuous advancement in gaming console technology offered by many companies, Sony has recently upgraded to the most advanced gaming console on the market. This is addressed to the PlayStation 4. But when did ps4 come out, you can expect to practice playing the best games you have?

Latest CPU and GPU

Integrated with the latest technology like the latest Central Processing Unit and the latest graphics processing unit, the PlayStation 4 will be in a position to deliver stunning HD graphics for your game play.

True, the PlayStation 4 is Sony’s most innovative product to date. Some even consider the PlayStation 4 to be the ultimate entertainment powerhouse. Also, with PlayStation 4, who needs a CD player or DVD player when you have all of these in one system on PlayStation 4?

Join online community with high connectivity

Sony’s latest innovation is also equipped with Wi-Fi technology that will enable you to access the Internet and play PlayStation 4 games online with enough people around the world. As a result, you’ll be joining an online community where you’ll be able to chat and make friends halfway around the world.

Equipped with Blu-ray Drive

In addition, the Sony PlayStation 4 is equipped with the most advanced disc drive called Blu-ray Drive. Blu-ray Discs can handle up to five times more data than your regular DVD. This suggests that game developers will benefit greatly from being more realistic and putting their creative imagination to work. With a large-capacity Blu-ray Disc, the opportunities are almost endless.

High compatibility

Another advantage you can expect from the PlayStation 4 is the backward compatibility. This means that your investment in your old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games will never go in vain. PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 2 games can be played on PlayStation 4 alike. This innovation is one of the highlights of the PlayStation 4.

In-built RAM

With a CPU at 4.2GHz and a built-in memory of 512MB RAM, you can expect quality work and maximum enjoyment while playing your favourite games. The unit will also have a hard drive where you can store your saved games at more capacity than a memory card.

Bluetooth radio-controlled controllers will be in a position to give you freedom when you play your favourite games. If the Bluetooth signal is within range of the controller, you can play it wherever you want. This means freedom and you will not get stuck in solitude while playing PlayStation 4 games.

Popular game titles

With a huge library of popular game titles, the PlayStation 4 is a must have in every home. Now that you understand PlayStation 4, you definitely want one for your home as well as your existing home entertainment system. The PlayStation 4 is set to release in Japan, the United States and Canada on November 2006, and in Europe and Australia in March 2007.

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