What You Actually Need When Deciding to Buy a Domain Name

by kbing

Your retail outlet or an online store needs to be identified to have people walk into the store or visit the site. A well-designed website is not enough to attract visitors online; instead, it also needs a unique domain name for web users to find out. Customers have to be convinced to buy a product or service. They research a product online, and if it fulfils their needs, they buy the product. 


Your business website should choose a domain related to your brand or product and be memorable to customers. Buying a desirable domain is not easy, for there are innumerable names, and one doesn’t know which is available. A domain registrar can help you source an appropriate domain for your website. Nevertheless, it is essential to create a name that can relate to your brand and convey some details about your product or service to customers.

Here’s what you should do to have a suitable domain name for your startup business website.  

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  1. Choose a domain name that is simple, concise, creative, and catchy


A domain name should be a simple, short, and pronounceable word or phrase to help your customers remember it easily. Words with 5-7 characters are memorable, and most popular websites have such short and catchy domains. For instance, you can find some leading Singapore-based websites like ‘asiaone.com’, ‘shopee.com.sg’, ‘office.com’, and ‘singtel.com’.


If your desired domain names are unavailable or purchased by other websites, you can use keywords relevant to your business or industry and create a name. For instance, the word Facebook in the ‘facebook.com’ is created using a combination of two words. It is easy to memorize and type on the web browser.


  1. Try to avoid numbers and hyphens in the name


Though you can source a variation of a word or phrase by adding hyphens or numbers, it may confuse your customers when typing the website address on the spacebar of the browser. For example, a website address like ‘03hardware-zone.com.sg’ is not easy to remember, for it has numbers and a hyphen in-between the name. 


If you want potential customers to identify your website, use a domain with no special characters, numbers, or hyphens.


  1. Choose a suitable domain name extension


You need an appropriate domain extension for your website. Having a reliable domain registrar to help you will give access to hundreds of generic top-level domains (TLDs) and country-code top-level domains. Some common generic TLDs include extensions like .com, .org, .net, .store, .site, .co, .online, and .tech. With a leading registrar or hosting company, you can have them for a discount. 

For a small business in Singapore, it can find country-specific domains like .sg, .com.sg, .per.sg, .edu.sg, etc., to attract local customers. Some registrars even help you have free .sg domain registration for a year under the SME Domain Name Reservation scheme.


  1. Find a reliable domain registrar 


You can know the availability of a domain with a domain name service provider. They can assist you in finding a name that is not in use and buying it for a reasonable price. You can ease the domain registration process by choosing an authorized registrar accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Such a registrar would have gone through a detailed accreditation check process. They will help you use a domain name generator to: 


  • Source a unique domain name 
  • Register and manage it, and
  • Renew a domain 


Apart from these, you can also buy a suitable web hosting plan with a lot of website storage and 24/7 customer support.


You can sign up for a ‘.com.sg’ or ‘.sg’ domain name free registration for one year and promote your small business in Singapore.

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