What You Need to Know Before Requesting an Uber or Lyft Ride

by Craig Kieswetter

Here we will go over what you should know before using a ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft. 

Below you will learn how to can stay safe, save money, prepare for your ride, and more, so keep reading to find out more. 

Background checks are completed on drivers

Ride-sharing services complete annual background checks on all drivers. Although your driver may not be a convicted criminal, they are not always professional and kind. 

Luckily, most drivers are great, but you should still beware that these independent contractors are strangers.

You can verify your driver

When you request a ride, you will be provided with photos of their face, vehicle, and license plate number. 

Before getting into a vehicle, always confirm that the driver matches the description provided to avoid an unsafe situation.

Accidents do happen

Uber and Lyft drivers get into accidents just like everyone else. 

In the event of an accident, you should check for injuries, call the police and hire an accident attorney if injuries or damage occur.

You may be charged more than your estimate

It is great that ride-sharing services provide an estimated cost before requesting a ride. However, it is common for passengers to be charged more than their estimate. 

If your ride meets a roadblock, gets stuck in traffic, or is delayed, the price of your trip will change as you are charged per minute.

Prices may vary throughout the day

Depending on the time or day of the week, your ride estimate may change significantly. 

Busier times of day will be more expensive, so it is best to check prices close to when you plan to leave.

You can stay safe by sharing your location

Lyft and Uber both provide a rider with the ability to share their location with friends or family. 

In the app’s settings, you will find an option for location sharing, and when on, your loved ones can follow the exact route of your ride. It is best to set up this feature before entering a vehicle so an uncomfortable situation can be tracked quickly.

You should tip your driver

Ride-sharing drivers make the majority of their money from tips.

If your ride was average, a ten per cent tip is acceptable; however, a twenty percent tip is a great way to show your appreciation when your ride was good.

Many people have been in the vehicle

Many people do not consider the number of other strangers that have been in the same vehicle as you. 

Uber and Lyft drivers are required to keep their vehicles clean, but vehicles are not cleaned between passengers. Therefore, do not be afraid to inspect your seat for dirt, spills, or bugs, and always use sanitiser and masks in case you are entering an unsanitary situation.

All laws still apply

Riding in an Uber or Lyft does not eliminate the need to follow all traffic laws. 

Remember to wear your seat belt, bring a car seat for your child and leave open containers of alcohol behind. 

You can rate drivers and they can rate you

If your trip was unsatisfactory, you can rate your driver.

Drivers are required to maintain a star rating of at least 4.6 stars. Drivers are held to this high standard to ensure that all riders are safe and comfortable in their travels. 

Additionally, drivers can rate their riders as well, and most drivers will deny requests from riders with a rating below 4.5 stars.

You can share your ride with strangers

If you are comfortable sharing your ride with a stranger, you can save money on your trip by using Uber pool or Lyft shared. 

You should always be ready for your ride

Drivers try to pack as many trips into their day as possible since they are paid by the minute and through tips. 

To help your driver earn more and save your own money, be ready to hop in the vehicle when they arrive. Additionally, it would help if you waited in a location that your driver could easily spot to avoid confusion. 

Your uber is a personal vehicle, not a taxi

Be respectful of the vehicles you enter because they belong to your driver, not a large company that pays for cleaning and upkeep. 

Unfortunately, any damage done to a vehicle is paid for out of pocket by your driver. So, do not cause damage to the vehicle, leave trash behind or eat and drink during your trip.

To wrap things up, remember to always be respectful, prepared, cautious, and friendly when using a ride-sharing service. 

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