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A simplistic, light-weight game with a simple design is referred to as a hyper casual game. They’re simple to construct, yet they’ll keep you entertained and let you play them again and again. Hyper casual games are designed to be accessible and enjoyable to a broad range of players. You can find a number of free games download for android on the app store.

While travelling to work or waiting for a doctor’s appointment, the hyper-casual gamer likes to kill time. It makes no difference to them what genre it is as long as they are entertained and engaged.

People engage in ultra-casual games to unwind and pass the time. After accomplishing a challenging task, people feel a sense of accomplishment.

In recent years, the market for hyper casual games has grown. Most mobile game players prefer to play hyper casual games because of the basic game play, as seen by the top rankings of hyper casual games.

The gaming industry has developed into one of the most well-known. Gaming firms made a lot of money in 2019. There are many best free android games to pick from.One of the most popular gaming genres right now is hyper-casual. They attract the most viewers and, if commercialised, might generate a lot of money. Read our post if you’re confused whether or not making your own hyper casual game is a wise idea. Mobile games, specifically Hyper Casual games, will be our focus. 


These are some factors that are why you need to create a hyper casual game.


Because of their simplicity, hyper casual games are a much easier option for any developer looking to produce their first game. Small teams may make a lot of prototypes in a month, allowing them to test mechanics and aesthetics early in the development process to see how players react.

With manufacturing cycles as short as a few days, this subgenre emphasises simplicity. Hyper casual games allow developers to swiftly test and analyse a game’s commercial viability early on, rather than investing years into a big project with little chance of success.


Hyper casual games have a high level of participation. It’s impossible to talk about incredibly casual games without mentioning how addictive they can be. Short, simple game loops entice players to play again and again. One of the reasons why players keep returning to this genre is because of this.


Anyone can enjoy hyper casual games; its simplicity makes them a universally enjoyable experience. They’re mass-market games that appeal to a broad range of people. As a result, the target demographic for this type of game could be quite varied. Hyper casual games may appeal to seniors as much as they do to teens.


Not only in terms of mechanics, but also in terms of monetization, hyper casual games are distinctive. These games’ principal source of money is in-app ads. Using a combination of rewarded video, playable, and interstitial advertising, in particular. This won’t generate a lot of revenue per user, but the game’s overall breadth will make up for it. Creators of hyper casual games strive to reach as many people as possible, engage them for a short time, and then bombard them with adverts.

This is excellent, but you must be extremely cautious about the number of adverts you show. Over a third of very casual gamers abandoned a game due to excessive advertising.



Because hyper-casual games rely on their mechanics rather than a plot, all you have to do is choose one. The most popular is straightforward: the player must tap the screen at the appropriate time. Flappy Bird, Geometry Dash, and Crossy Road are among examples.Merging (2048), growing (slither.io and other Snake clones), rising or sinking (Rise Up), and so on are all prominent mechanics.

Choose the appropriate setting for the mechanic once you’ve decided on it. It does not have to be meticulous; in fact, the reverse is true. Simple game design is required for hyper-casual games so that consumers are not distracted from the real gameplay.


You already know how to make a game prototype if you’re familiar with the technical side of things. If you aren’t, you’ll need to hire a professional game development business at this point. Bring them your idea, talk about the details, and you’ll end up with a product that’s essentially a light version of your future game. It’s now time to test it and make changes based on the results.


This is a critical step in the creation of an online game. The game should be tested from both a technical and a user’s perspective. Invite members of your target audience to play the game and provide feedback so that you can enhance it and repair any flaws.

A professional game development business can handle the testing for you, so you don’t have to worry about it or the subsequent bug fixes.


Your game has now been released and is on its way to the top of the rankings. Finally, you will be able to benefit from it through monetization.

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