Why consider pk domain registration?

by henry.marc

What is a domain?

The domain is the name of the website that is used by the users to reach the website. Domain has two sections, the first one is the initial part that represents the website name while the other is the domain extension. Let’s elaborate on it with an example.

www.serversea.pk is a domain name. Here serversea is the domain name while .pk is the domain extension. Apart from .pk, several domain extensions are also available such as .com, .edu, .net, .co, and other country-based extensions.

Do extensions matter?

Yes, domain extensions are important. Because the domain represents the website. Edu represents that website shares educational information, .org describes that it is an organization, .com is a worldwide commonly used domain extension. 

Why are location-based domains good?

Location-based domains are also good such as .pk. It is widely used by bloggers. Here are some reasons that make the .pk domain be considered.

Local SEO

With the .pk domain, you can boost your visibility in Pakistan. The website will rank in your location and more specified visitors will reach your website. Google makes sure to rank country-specific domains in respective locations. So, if your website is related to a specific location then wo with .pk domain.

Builds customer trust

Customer trust also plays a critical role in purchasing decisions. So, online stores and businesses must go with the .pk domain. Visitors build trust when they find that the company or business is located in their country or location. Moreover, they are more inclined to make payments at nearby locations rather than in foreign areas.

More options available

The majority of the websites prefer using the .com domain therefore the favorite domain names are usually not available. With the .pk domain, you have more options and better space to get the preferred and most related domain name for your business website.


You might be surprised to know that the .pk domain is budget-friendly. Its cost is much less as compared to other domain extensions. You can get Pakistani domain extensions for growing your business specifically in Pakistan.

How to buy a .pk domain?

Once you choose to go with the .pk domain and already brainstormed a good domain name for your website then serversea is the best place to register it. Serversea is a reliable domain registration and hosting provider. Just go to the serversea.pk and fill up the domain registration form. Provide necessary information and share the domain charges. Once it’s done, your domain name will be all yours, you can start your website after purchasing the hosting. 


Domain extension also identifies the objective and location of the website. So, the .pk domain registration is a good option for Pakistan-based online businesses and websites. It develops customer trust, reaches the local audiences, is available at a low cost, and many domain choices are also easy to access.

Thus, it is recommended to go with the .pk domain when your website is specifically targeting a Pakistani audience.

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