Why is Translation Important in Today’s World?

by olivia anderson

Translation is an essential feature of the Internet of Things. Mediums of communication frequently use online platforms for outreach. Translation helps build relationships and transmit information around the world. Countries of various languages are all linked together like a global village with advanced technology.

There is a limitation in the number of languages that one can comprehend. Translation enables to break this barrier. There are over 7000 languages but translation allows communication and understanding amongst members without learning another language. This article discusses how important translation is today.

Most individuals prefer their native language

It is no surprise that everyone would speak in their most fluent language. English is a popular language in several regions of the world. However, for too many, it is their second language. It highlights that several individuals respond and communicate more effectively through their native language.

Translation allows these individuals to speak in their most confident and effective language while emphasizing their intent to speak. 

Some regions do not speak English

English is a widely spoken language. However, not everyone speaks or understands it. Some are not as effective in communicating in it. They are unable to express their culture and beliefs fluently. Translation allows individuals to speak whichever language they can hold a proper conversation.

Translation promotes tourism

Tourism is an essential sector in several counties’ economies. For some, it accounts heavily for their revenue. When someone visits a foreign land, they tour to learn about the country’s diverse culture and beliefs.

They are certainly not fluent in the native language of the country in which several locals could interact with them. The travel and tourism sector has identified this and provided several documents in various languages that their visitors can understand. These include brochures, web pages, and promotional videos.
For example, a popular tourist destination is Spain. They are aware that several of their tourists are English speakers and conform to that. They even translate Spanish audio to English text to assist visitors to feel comfortable. This boosts the country’s prestige and is a favoured tourist destination. It also ensures continuous revenue from the sector.

It facilitates the global economy

Previous concerns about the physical distance between regions are a thing of the past. There is a significant advancement in communication and travel technology. There is a limited barrier to establishing relationships in business with increased globalization. It is not only limited to businesses but also political and governmental relationships. Several foreign country relations have mutual benefits.

The only barrier that could affect these relations is the language barrier. The various governments and enterprises have invested in high-quality translation services to mitigate this barrier. This has facilitated effective communication benefiting countries. These benefits include:-

  • Decrease in the cost of manufacturing
  • Access to skilled labor beyond a country’s borders
  • Access to a larger market

It is essential to note that it is not only English-speaking economies that dominate. Other markets, such as the Chinese have significant traction leading to an increase in Chinese translators. Emerging markets lead to emerging languages demand. It emphasizes the need for translation for global relationships.

Disseminates culture and information

Most of the art and literature we are exposed to is in English. These include film, music, books, and shows. As mentioned earlier, not everyone speaks English and they prefer their native language.

Translation has been key in making such content available through subtitles and translation. These contents are unable to reach their larger audience without translation. It also exposes its viewers and readers to various cultures. They are keen to understand and learn these interesting structures.
Additionally, translation has allowed the spread of news from various regions. There would be limited access to this news and most would live in their bubble.

Knowledge and information exchange is crucial in the world of today. Additionally, we can explore human history through translation. An ideal example is religious books whose information has gained access to various regions.
The globalization of this art and literature has enabled productions to increase their revenues.

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