Why SEO is So Important to Businesses

by kbing

What is SEO? Why do I need SEO in my business? If you have a business you are running then you must have heard about SEO being a marketing strategy, but what’s its importance? Is it worth my time or money? To find out why your business needs SEO you should continue reading.

Since the birth of the very first search engine, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been praised, overly simplified, misinterpreted, and in worse cases occasionally stigmatized. And due to all the rumors surrounding this marketing strategy, it’s made it difficult for even the savviest businesspeople to grasp the full importance of SEO for businesses. 

Even today some people still don’t fully understand how SEO works such may even think that it’s some hocus-pocus but those who properly incorporate SEO into their online marketing strategy have and still are reaping the benefits of SEO for business. But then, what are these benefits? Continue reading to find out. 

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, SEO is the process of improving one’s webpage with the aim of increasing your website’s online visibility. There are good SEO practices and there are also bad SEO practices and the better your SEO is, the more potential customers will find your business during online searches.

Search engines can tell what your webpage is all about via the use of bots called spiders. Hence, if the content in your webpage is relevant to the search engine, it’ll rank your page as the first index result. Ranking higher in search engines drives more traffic to your website (organic traffic) and SEO helps you achieve that.

There are two ways of performing SEO on your website. You can either carry out the SEO practices on your website by yourself if you have the time to spare and the other way is to hire the best SEO freelancer Melbourne near experts. If you reside in Sydney, Australia, or basically anywhere in the world, hiring Sydney SEO Experts will do your business a lot of good.

Importance of SEO in businesses 

Boosts credibility 

A website that ranks high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) is usually considered to be of high quality and trustworthy to search engines. People trust search engines and that equates to people trusting businesses that rank high in search engines which, in turn, boosts the credibility of those businesses.

To improve your business’s credibility you’ll have to spend more time creating and adding content to your website, researching keywords that can help you rank higher, and increasing your website’s speed.

Gives your business a competitive advantage 

SEO has grown over time and more and more business owners are now aware of the benefits of SEO. The chances are, your competitors are investing in SEO, and to have a fighting chance you should too. Businesses that invest heavily in SEO will most likely outrank the competition in SERPs and gain the market share.

Why the fuss? Why should my business struggle to be on the first page of search engines? I’ll tell you. These days, people don’t go past the first page in search engines and that means over 90% of the traffic stays on the first page. If your competitors are struggling to stay on the first page you should too and proper SEO can help stay there. To boost your ranking, also ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, has the best content, and the site loads fast.

Helps your business rank better in local searches 

Local searches have become more and more common. About 80% of all local searches on mobile often leads to conversions. Hence, in order to make more sales, you’ll need Local SEO strategies. Local SEO strategies can help you attract searchers who are often ready to purchase the products or services you render.

Improves your website’s usability

SEO can be seen as making your website search engine friendly (most people use Google, so Google-friendly). Asides from that, it can also improve your customer’s experience when they visit your webpage or website. If you work on your website and generate high quality and useful content, increase your site’s loading time, make your site more responsive, add backlinks, and enhance every page, you’ll not only achieve a great website but also a website that’s optimized for search engines. 

Achieve quantifiable results

SEO helps you keep track of changes in rankings, website traffic, and conversions. Google Analytics is a platform that can provide you with a comprehensive suite of information concerning your website. As an example, with Google Analytics you’ll be able to see any website’s user buying journey and that covers the keywords Business Studies they used, pages they engaged with, and if they completed any specific action. With such information, you’ll gain insights on ways to improve and adjust your SEO strategy.

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