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Why You Should Geotag Your Images?

One current challenge many businesses have is getting on the first page of results on search engines. However, the survival-of-the-fittest competition within businesses in your locale and industry.

For instance, when determining what sites are served to searchers, Google, Bing, and Yahoo use several techniques and proprietary algorithms. These metrics often change. Because lots of business owners are always busy running their businesses, some may be unaware of the ranking of their websites for SEO – whether they are on the top or dramatically falling. 

An aspect of positioning your site for SEO is working on your geotags. What’s geotag and why is it important? Read on.

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What’s Geotagging?

This is a process of including geographic coordinates to media, according to the location of a mobile device. Geotags can be applied to text messages, videos, photos, QR codes, and websites. Also, it could involve time stamps as well as other contextual information.

Why is Geotagging Essential?

The act of geotagging offers useful knowledge of consumer activity. When using geotag to dissect where and how buyers associate with their brands, businesses can give specific messaging and offers. Again, geotags uncover where people are while engaging with a site. Or where they go over the course of the day with their smartphones.

Because users are used to tagging their social media content with a location to share activities with loved ones, geotagging is essential. 

Geotags are also applicable when location services are enabled on smart gadgets. They increase brand awareness and offer insights into traffic that will be useful for future planning and analysis – especially in the public sector and retail industry.

Cafés and retailers can utilize geotags to perceive how purchasers are engaging with their brands and can illuminate their promotional efforts in view of that activity.

How Does Geotagging Help Your Business?

Essentially, geotagging is key for ranking with results from local search engines. For instance, if your fashion business is situated in Paris, Virginia, you wouldn’t care less about getting clients in Paris, France, or Paris, Texas. It’s straightforward and direct.

You just need individuals within your locality to easily find your business. Here are why geotagging helps your business.

Image searches

Have you at any point observed that you can do a picture search with most search engines? Your business and site won’t come up in an image search when you do not have tagged, clear, and good pictures. 

Images that go through the process of geotagging will be at the very top of the page for nearby searches. That’s why this technique is essential.

Better site ranking on search engines 

When websites have images on them, they rank higher on search engines. Sure, simply having a picture does this. However, there are several ways of working on your positioning regarding how you tag those pictures. Geotagging changes the game.

Boosts confidence scores on search engines 

The data for the location of a photograph on the same website as your organization’s portrayal of service will increase the confidence of the search engine and the results. As a result, it’s guaranteed that your business is truly situated in the physical area that was presented for the search question.

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For more direct leads into your business, geotagging is a good method to apply. It gets you more local leads. That means more sales and deals. 

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