Why You Should Sign Up For Professional Power BI Training 

by Craig Kieswetter

Power BI deserves all the hype it’s recently getting. This sophisticated business intelligence platform is so powerful that it can even completely replace Excel, as businesses rely on standard data-analytics tools for decades.

In this post, we will discuss how Power BI can help you grow your business and why taking professional Power BI training is the best way to learn how to implement this platform in your business workflow the right way.

Reasons to use Power BI

If you already own a Microsoft Office 365 subscription or are at least familiar with Excel, you will find transitioning to Power BI much easier. This tool is a part of the Microsoft ecosystem, which means it seamlessly integrates with other apps from its family.

This also means Power BI won’t be abandoned anytime soon. Microsoft provides good support and consistent updates to all its business apps. After all, we have been using Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint for decades.

Power BI collects data from different sources

Because you can connect Power BI to various data sources, it will give you detailed visualisations, processing every piece of data your organisation collects into a single report.

The advantages of this are massive. First, the fact that you won’t have to use several apps and combine information manually will save you an enormous amount of time on a daily level. Your team members will input questions into Power BI and get answers in a matter of minutes.

But, this will also make it simple to get data-driven answers, making it more likely that you will use Power BI to enhance everyday decision making. Your team members will opt to put in questions into Power BI, knowing it will give them detailed but easy to understand reports in a matter of minutes. As a result, they will use it more often, which will mean they will make better, data-driven decisions more often.

As a result, your team will make fewer errors and make better decisions in less time every day. The effects this will have on your business operations will be quickly noticeable in optimised productivity, happier clients and more revenue.

Why you should enrol with a professional Powe BI course

While getting into Power BI will be easier than with most other business intelligence platforms, as you don’t have to start from scratch, doing it on your own is not recommended, especially if you work in a team.

Getting all of your team members on the same page so they can start using Power BI in their day-to-day work is next to impossible if you rely on learning it on their own. That will result in tech-savvy individuals being bottlenecked by their less technically inclined colleagues, creating friction within the team. And, if a tool holds your productivity back, it will soon become abandoned.

For that reason, enrolling in professional Power BI training is the right way to go

Data Bear Power BI courses are designed to ensure every single one of your team members fully grasps Power BI in the shortest time possible. Once the training is complete, both report developers and users will immediately become data-savvy, ready to implement their knowledge and spur new company growth by making data-based decisions.

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